Sometimes people say or do things that they later regret. We all make mistakes. Has someone ever wronged you? Have you forgiven them?

Here's a beautiful 2-minute movie about forgiveness:

My life is busy and sometimes I work 13 hours in a day and get exhausted... Has that ever happened to you? I do what I do because I'm passionate about it, because I'm fulfilling my life's purpose, and because so many people (like you) believe in me. However, it's really tough sometimes when I get hurt, feeling that someone close to me doesn't believe in me in the way I want them to believe in me.

For example, my mother loves me, but I really feel she doesn't understand what I do. She's very traditional and wants me to succeed by finding a job and working for someone else. I am frustrated and saddened as I try to convince her that I'm doing the right thing and to have faith in me. In the past, I have cried many times, using this as an excuse and allowing it hold me back, thinking "How can I succeed without the support of my mom?"

Today I realize that I can't change the way my mom thinks. I accept her the way she is, and forgive her. I believe my mother supports me in the way she knows best -- by loving me.

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