"My life is perfect
Because I accept it as it is."
- Lenny Kravitz

I remember not going out for recess in elementary school. I couldn't play tag or do any activities that required sight. Since my skin was sensitive to the sun, the school staff would allow me to stay indoors. Unfortunately, that didn't allow me to connect with my peers on a playful or social level.

I remember team leaders picking their favorite players for sporting games. I was always the last one to get picked. It made sense though, because I wouldn't be an asset in trying to catch a ball.

I remember sitting in the lunch room, in high school, wanting someone to eat lunch with me. But nobody came. I thought, "Maybe if I sit at a bigger table with lots of empty seats, then that would help?" It didn't.

I remember running for student council. On some levels, it can be a popularity contest. Being one of the most unpopular students made it a huge challenge even to speak to my peers. On stage, in front of the entire school, I froze for about 30 seconds in the middle of my speech. And, I didn't get elected.

I remember being at a conference, alone at a table with an empty seat. A woman started walking up to me, and I thought she would sit down. My hopes were up... She comes over, picks up the empty seat, and brings it back to her table with her friends. I started crying inside. At that moment, I decided to turn things around.

Today, I'm blessed with the number of people I know, the quality of friends in my life, and the depth of relationships that have been created. Wherever I go, I love bumping into people I know! What a difference from the days when I sat alone, to today when I am recognized and greeted every few hours as I walk through downtown Toronto.

Maybe popularity isn't something you desire. I'm not saying it's something everyone should strive for. What I am saying is that you should strive for anything that YOU want, in any area of your life, and not be stopped no matter what it is. Every master was once a disaster. You can turn ANYTHING around 180 degrees.

Today, some would even say that I'm a Friendship Slut(TM). It's a bold term that has a positive message. Our Friendship Slut(TM) Parties help people create and nourish meaningful relationships through the art of conversation.

What: A party where you are guaranteed to meet 11 people that you'll like and 1 person that you won't. :)
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have fun creating your life
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