In light of the increasing dangers to our family, especially our children -- WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com is an online professional service that provides comprehensive background checks and criminal record searches designed to verify if persons are who they purport to be. This online service is the brainchild of Southern California attorney, Linda Alexander. WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com allows people to do these checks for reasonable rates, in order to protect their families and themselves.

According to Alexander, the conviction and death sentence of David Westerfield, for the kidnap and murder of his seven year old neighbor, Danielle Van Dam, has caused anxious uneasiness to parents who are now seeking ways to protect their loved ones from suspicious persons who live in their own neighborhood with potential access to their family .

Additionally, the abduction of Elizabeth Smart in Utah last summer has also caused much concern, when it was revealed that the handyman who worked in the Smart House was a career criminal. A background and criminal record check would have provided this information to the Smart family and might have alerted them to potential dangers of bringing this man into their home and providing him access to their family.

This concern and effort to protect their family members have caused thousands to swarm to WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com, to find out more information on persons such as: Nannies, Day Care Providers, In-Home Health Care Workers, and others who provide home services, such as Gardeners, Painters, Contractors, House Cleaners, suspicious neighbors and anyone else who would have access to a person's home and their family.

Alexander says that she has also had requests to check out Sports Coaches and their assistants who are spending a great deal of time with children. Parents are concerned about the safety of their family members. They want to find out if the person who has access or is in charge of their children is a convicted pedophile or has any type of criminal record.

After doing the background and criminal record checks, Alexander has found that many who have sought to work with children or in the home, have convictions such as driving while under the influence, abuse and assault. Further, there have been some persons who were convicted sexual offenders.

Information is the key to assist people in determining whether or not to bring someone into their home or allow them access to their family and especially to their children.

The service also assists in tracing lost loves, friends, finding estranged family members and old army buddies. In addition, there are those seeking to find out about their potential mate, business partners or employees. The cost of the service provided by WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com range from $39 to $75

WhoisHe.Com and WhoisShe.Com has been widely recognized on CBS’ “48 HOURS" and the CBS Early Show; in People Magazine, listed in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine's top 100 sites for the Year 2000, in Entrepreneur Magazine, MEN ARE FROM MARS /WOMAN FROM VENUS, TALK OR WALK, USA and THE OTHER HALF.

Anyone harboring doubts about someone can check out the website at http://WhoisHe.Com and at http://WhoisShe.Com and questions can be sent to CheckHimOut@WhoisHe.Com or contact Linda Alexander, ESQ. at 760-806-4377.

The site’s motto says it all… "when in doubt, check them out"….

Author's Bio: 

Linda J Alexander, ESQ is an attorney and the President of WhoisHe.Com / WhoisShe.Com a professional web service which provides comprehensive background, criminal and civil record checks on prospective mates, future step-parents, Nanny-checks, employment screening, in-home workers since 1997. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------