As published in The Visionary Life Ezine, December 2004:

This is a very captivating idea—-to live life, manifest dreams, and reach goals in an easy and relaxed way and in a positive and healthy manner. Clearly, this stress-free behavior indicates a skill bordering on the art of blissful livelihood. Because we exist in a frenzied world, where deadlines, appointments, and toxins surround us like a swarm of begging pigeons, it is helpful to have a toolbox of strategies to remind us of our chosen path—-the mellow one.

Enter Feng Shui—-it is a superior science that no toolbox should be without. Here are a few Feng Shui perspectives:

• The microcosm environment (your home and office) reflects and affect the macrocosm environment (your life in general). You can, with purpose, alter the symbology in your dwelling to positively transform issues in your existence.

• Feng Shui is effective regardless of your beliefs, styles, or values. It is not dogma, or strict rules, which gives Feng Shui its impressive effectiveness—-but intention. Keep your empowerment. Retain your individual convictions—-Feng Shui works for you—-not the other way around.

Feng Shui is a phenomenal problem-solving tool. Like any preventative maintenance routine, with regular use, you can impede issues from happening in the first place. Your surroundings in your home and office are symbolically programmed to serve you.

Research done by mind pioneer, John Assaraf, has shown that the subconscious mind almost completely controls the outcomes of actions or goals you desire to manifest. Less than 1/10 of your manifestation ability comes from the conscious mind—this is called will power. The subconscious mind controls the remaining 9/10th of the magic or tragedy of your results.

Here is yet another Feng Shui premise: Your home and office replicates the true standards of your subconscious mind. Feng Shui, the language of symbols, teaches you to diagnose what the signs in your home or office are telling you, consciously and subconsciously. Then, you intentionally change them if they are less than supportive. This can transform your life.

Here is an example: You want a mate. Every part of your being desires this—-you are certain. You have joined a book club for singles, have gotten your hair cut in the latest style, have bought new clothes, and are working out religiously. Great conscious effort —-in fact—-1/10 of your mission is accomplished! Now let’s look at the state of the subconscious mind-chatter:

Every dwelling has an area in it that symbolically stands for Love Union/Marriage. You learn where this region is in your home and office and then, using principles promoted by Feng Shui to create a balanced Love Union/ Marriage area, you analyze your environment. What if hanging on the wall is a black and white picture of a single woman, leaning against the curve of a dead tree, against the backdrop of a storm-threatening sky? Sure, it is artsy. Sure, it shows your good taste. But does this comfort zone reality serve you? Does that image, seen either consciously or subconsciously on a daily basis in your microcosm Love Union/Marriage setting assist you in manifesting your love ambitions?

What if you replaced it with this scene instead: A multi-colored print of a couple, dancing in delight, actively engaged with each other—-passionate and joyous? Can you see how this image would be much more successful in materializing your desired outcome? Surrounding your home and office in images which reflect your goals already happening, whether they are business or pleasure, is a guaranteed step you can take towards reaching your aspirations on a frequent basis.

If this approach interests you--educate yourself on the principles of Feng Shui. Learn where all the Life Values, which stand for each area in your life--career, health, love, money, and more, exist symbolically in your dwelling. Then discover how the Feng Shui theories can help you. Apply them. The world will still be frantic. The horde of metaphoric pigeons will hover even so. But you can manage it all in an easy and relaxed way.

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Gabrielle Alizay has been a Feng Shui consultant for over 15 years. She gives on-site and phone consultations internationally. An author of the book, Feng Shui for the Rest of Us (due out nationally in October 2005), she is an educator as well and has a free Feng Shui Tid-Bit Ezine you can join: as well as two content rich websites full of Feng Shui material: and

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An international Feng Shui consultant and author for 15 years, Gabrielle teaches and educates the art of Feng Shui through her workshops, her e-zine--Feng Shui Tid-Bits, and has a soon-to-be released book, Feng Shui for the Rest of Us, due out nationally in bookstores in October 2005. She has two content-rich websites: and