With American newspapers today reporting the news that gas prices have topped $3 per gallon all over the U.S., 25 dollars doesn't mean much anymore--it won't even pay for a full tank. But to an orphan in the slums of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) it means the difference between a desperate future and one of promise and possibility, as 25 dollars is what it costs to feed and educate a child for an entire month at the Free School of Kolkata.

Humanitarian and educator Mohammad Khalilullah, who created the school, has just returned to West Bengal, India, with the wherewithal to educate 50 children for an entire year thanks to a benefit concert held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles last month.

L. Ron Hubbard, that he realized he now had the tools to accomplish his goal. In a matter of months he opened his first free school in the Kolkata slums. With Mr. Hubbard's technology as the backbone of the program, he is providing children with tools that will take them out of the slums and poverty and provide them with the skills they need to earn a living and move into mainstream society.

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, joining forces with over 100 artists, put on a concert to raise money to support Mr. Kahlilullah's program. Charging $25 for admission to the fundraiser,enough to sponsor one child for one month at the Kolkata Free School,they raised $14,000.

Topping the list of artists for the evening was Amrapali Ambegaokar who, at the age of 21, was cast as one of the principal dancers of the Cirque du Soleil production "Dralion," a role she performed in 700 performances. A former multiple pageant title holder of Miss Asian America, Miss India USA, and Miss India North America, she has also appeared in Boston Legal, E.R. and Alias.

Joining Ms. Ambegaokar on stage was the dance group of the Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation. The Kids on Stage for a Better World and the Church of Scientology Choir also performed, and Michael Duff and Dee Dee O'Malley contributed their musical talents as well.

"We are overwhelmed with the support that we have received from these artists," said Mr. Khalilullah. "I have always been involved in educating the children of India, but when I was introduced to the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion, I then had tools that help kids to better retain their education, tools that assist children who are slow, tools educators can use to teach students how to learn. This technology provides an understanding of the basics of learning and supplies exact ways to overcome the pitfalls one can encounter during study. Mr. Hubbard expressed something I believe in when he wrote, 'The end and goal of any society, as it addresses the problem of education, is to raise the ability, the initiative and the cultural level, and with all of that the survival level of that society.' This is my dream for my homeland, India."

For more information or to contribute to the funding of the Free School of Kolkata visit www.educateindia.org.

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Ms. Wieland is a Scientologist and works as a editor for the Scientology Press Office at www.scientologytoday.org