In America today, many people including children and young adults are going out to eat more often, eating foods high in fat and calories. Also, many children and teens are staying inside more often paying video games and watching TV programs or chatting online or cell phones with friends rather than going outside and being physical active. These eating habits and lack of exercise have led to problems with obesity in children and teenagers. It is important for teenagers to know about this problem and to know about proper nutrition and exercise so that this problem can be treated and even prevented now as well as in the future.

According to, Obesity is defined as "an excessive accumulation of body fat". Obesity can increase with age in both males and females. Childhood Obesity can lead to problems with hypertension, Type II Diabetes and heart disease. It can be stressful on the joints and can lead to lower self-esteem or problems with relationships with the children's friends. Some children or teenagers with obesity may have social and psychological problems due to being obese.

Some causes of Obesity in Children can include: the family, for example the risk can be higher if the children has one or two obese parents. Children who watch a lot of television may also be at a higher risk for obesity because watching television does not require that much energy and snacking on high calorie foods can happen while children are watching television. Heredity can also play a part in child obesity.

Children and Teenagers can help prevent and treat obesity by developing an exercise program or becoming more active because this will help them to burn fat, increase energy and maintain their weight. Children and Teenagers should also eat a balanced diet and moderate their television watching and calorie intake. Teaching children and young adults about nutrition in school as well as at home can help prevent this problem as well.

Learning more about nutrition and how to eat healthier and exercise properly may decrease childhood obesity and help prevent it in young and even older adults. This is why focusing on nutrition as a child and young adult is so important. It can help to prevent these problems or concerns later in life and help children and young adults to feel good about themselves and their relationships with others as well.
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