I want you to imagine you live in New York amongst some of the tallest buildings on the planet. One day you are walking along a street and your girlfriend/wife asks you to express your undying love for them. She tells you what she expects you to do to demonstrate that love, explaining it’s all very simple. She stops on the sidewalk beside one of New York’s tallest buildings and asks that together you look upwards to the top of the building. You stand back, our hand on your brow as you look skywards. As you focus on the top of the building she tells you, you need to go up on the roof and jump off! WOW you think, is that all I have to do to show my undying love! She then tells you the good news. She explains as she removes from her rear jean pocket a small folded net, that everything will be fine, she will hold open the net above the ground and as you jump she will be waiting at the bottom, with the net open and catch you, all you need to do is trust and all will be safe and well.

You somewhat hesitantly agree to prove your undying love and with some trepidation you enter the lift and press the button marked roof, on floor 110. As you exit the lift door on the roof, you are met immediately by two situations both of which cause you even greater concern than you already had before you entered the lift at ground floor level. One, there were many men up there, all with the same story all equally totally afraid of this immense test to prove undying love, all are procrastinating and demanding somebody else should go first. Secondly a weather front has moved suddenly over New York and the building is not only shrouded in cloud but a gale is blowing and it is raining horizontally.

Determined to not let her down you make your way to the ‘jumping point’ at which point even more horror is unleashed upon you as you are told by the man in charge of jumping you have to jump naked. Just as you get over this and exit from the curtained changing area, where you leave everything behind you, you walk naked as the day you were born to the jumping zone. The man in charge explains further the unbelievable rules you have to meet to prove undying love for your woman on the sidewalk below.

He takes you over to the jumping zone, to reveal a plank. His directions are very explicit, you need to stand on the plank some six feet inside the perimeter of the building and walk out over the edge to the end of the plank and jump. He explains at length there is absolutely nothing to worry about because at the bottom your girlfriend/wife will be waiting to catch you with the net that she had in her pocket! Still sure this was the only way to prove undying love you move to the end of the plank ready to walk out. You notice even more as you step up how windy it is and also how the cloud now has enveloped the whole building and it is impossible to see the ground, however your trust is strong, she is without doubt at the bottom with her net, all is well.

The man in charge of jumping tells you it is your turn and naked you edge along the plank the wind and rains battering your body as you go. You pass the end of the building now with only air between you and the ground you cannot see a thing, let alone pin point where your girl is with her net open and ready. Fear suddenly sets in at an undeniably, extraordinary high level as ten feet out you lose it and decide you just cannot continue. As you turn gingerly around on the plank and as you look back towards the building you see no building it has disappeared in the cloud and so has the plank, there is no way back, you have to trust and let go!

Men reading this, feel the feeling you are feeling right now, naked exposed and totally vulnerable! My friends this is what it’s like to live inside a female body. Feel it, live it right now, experience it and appreciate a woman’s world. For it is with this level of appreciation I started to love all women unconditionally and with this outlook and understanding my view of life shifted…….radically.

My hope is that this story has for you also demonstrated what it takes to understand the art we men need to master of the giving of our unconditional love. My hope is also that it demonstrates the total strength and commitment to stand strong and be a MAN that women NEED! Make sure you are always there to catch her, have your attention on her ‘ALL THE TIME’. Only then can and will a woman trust you and let go and only then will you both experience the fullness of life as it is truly meant to be felt.

I urge you now to both ‘cherish’ your woman on the one hand and ‘complement’ her on the other. The real ket though is taking a firm control of your own certainty, your own masculinity as these are the foundation stones a man needs to lay if he wishes to live in a successful intimate relationship with a woman that is going to share with him her fullest love.

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Tony & Nicki are Authors, Speakers, Presenters and ‘’World Class Coaches’ as well as owners of ‘The Relationship Retreat’ in the foothills of The Alps in Austria. Their work has inspired thousands of singles to find Mr or Mrs Right and couples to rekindle the love they once shared that has been lost over time.

Tony & Nicki’s unique ‘Cut To The Chase’ style inspires and empowers people to take action to get new results, to live and experience all they have been missing out on, many people for years. They have also trained a team of ‘Relationship Coaches’, people who have come to experience a new way to live and love and share their passion for the subject passing on Tony & Nicki’s wisdom and love around the world.

What ever you need, feel free to ask for help, Tony & Nicki will supply all you need, so you can experience the love and passion in your life you deserve. www.tonyandnickivee.com