There are times when you have to leave your pet just long enough to miss meal time but short enough where you don’t need to hire a sitter or ask your neighbor to stop by. Over filling your pet’s food bowl is not always the best option. Many pets will just eat and eat and eat; and, before you know it, they are out of food. Or, maybe your pet is on a special diet that requires small meals throughout the day. Automatic pet feeders can help feed your pet in your absence. Automatic waterers are great ways to ensure your pet stays hydrated on those hot summer days.

There are many types of pet feeders and waterers. Some simply keep the bowl filled with food or water. As the food gets low, more is dispensed. Others come with portion control and timers. What you need depends on your situation. If you are looking for something to take on a camping trip, then you probably don’t need a timed feeder. On the other hand, if you are away from home all day, then an automated feeder may be your best option. Here are a few brands and descriptions that can help you decide what type of feeder best suits your lifestyle.

The Dine In Carry Out pet feeder is great to take along on trips. It’s easy to carry and can hold five pounds of dog food. There is an attached bowl that slides out from underneath the portable container. This dispenser is not timed. Instead, you can adjust how much food flows into the bowl. The bowl can be easily detached and washed with soap and water.

If you are looking for an easy way to feed your pet, then you should consider the Elite Gourmet Feeder and the Elite Gourmet Waterer. You simply fill up the container and let the dispenser do the rest. As the food or water level decreases, more food or water are allowed into the bowl. If you are going to be absent during meal time, then this feeder is perfect. The dispensing containers are clear, so you know exactly how much food is left. The feeder can hold six pounds of food, while the waterer can hold three gallons of water.

Maybe you are leaving for a day or so and want to ensure that your pet doesn’t overeat. In this case, you should try the PetSafe 5-Meal Electronic pet feeder. With the 5-Meal Electronic pet feeder, your pet only has access to one portion at a time. This feeder has five separate food bowls that you fill before you leave. You set the time, and the feeder will rotate according to your set time. Unlike most feeders, you can use wet or dry food with this one.

The ERGO Auto Pet feeder is a great way to control how much and how often your pet eats. The ERGO holds twenty pounds of food. You set intervals to dispense the food throughout the day. The great thing about this feeder is that you can also control the portion. ERGO also makes an automatic waterer that comes in three different sizes. You can choose from a two gallon, three gallon, or five gallon waterer. The waterer has a filtration system, making sure your pet’s water is clean.

If you are tired of lifting a heavy bag of food and pouring it into your dog’s bowl multiple times each day, then there is a different type of pet feeder that can work for you. The Pour-N-Stor holds forty pounds of food. Like a soap dispenser, it is mounted on the wall. When you want to fill up the food bowl, you simply hold it beneath the dispenser and pull the lever. The food pours into the bowl. With this dispenser you manually control when and how much your pooch eats.

Your life is already hectic. Why make it more complicated worrying about the amount of food your dog eats? Automatic feeders can control how often your pet eats and how much he eats. Waterers are perfect for summer months since they can help keep your pet hydrated. Automatic pet feeders are great for people on-the-go or people looking to simplify their lives!

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