Self Worth

Our self worth is really a simple matter of logic and reasoning. “He has made perfect forever those who are made for him” and “He loves all of those who he has made in his image”. Read those 2 scriptures again. We are made perfect and in his eyes we are perfect.

Read that word again- perfect. Not good or better or best but perfect. In our God’s eyes we are perfect. Note that’s not ‘improving’ or on the upswing but perfect. God doesn’t improve or make better; he perfects. He doesn’t enhance and he doesn’t improve; he’s perfect.

Now I know we all realize we aren’t perfect and there’s a sense you don’t want to walk around with that sense of invincibility. We still make errors and we stumble. And we still make the wrong decisions. But in his eyes we are still perfect. And he will forgive any error we make.

So why do we let our errors and mistakes get us so down? Why do we let what other people think and judge carry so much weight in our self worth? The men and women who judge us so harshly are so inferior to HIM and in the end mean so little. Our self worth should come from within from HIM. Still we make errors and then we worry and then we sit in self pity. And we worry what our friends and workers must be thinking.

But when it comes to our position before God, we are perfect. When he sees each of us, he sees us as the perfect beings he made us. And when he sees our errors he makes us perfect again through his perfect Son. So give your self worth a huge boost in knowing that you are PERFECT to the one that matters the most. Next time you are feeling down - remember the most powerful being God thinks you are perfect - and really no on else's opinion really matters.

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Boake Moore founded Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee to help children. Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is a non profit organization, a 501 C Corporation, dedicated to helping children. Its main focus is to help orphans and children needing hope the most – impoverished children in third world companies and homeless children in inner city neighborhoods in the United States.
Mission Grounds is currently helping children in the United States, China, Russia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya and Venezuela. They provide the support in many ways – from providing food, shelter and clothing. In Africa, Russia and Costa Rica they currently only provide monthly support. In China and Venezuela besides also providing monthly support, they are engaged in two large construction projects. In China they are building a school and in Venezuela they are building an orphanage. Both projects should be done by Spring 2008. Plans are also under way to build another school in China and another orphanage in Venezuela for 2008. They are also looking at construction projects in Nigeria and in The Sudan. For more detail please go to