Arthritis can be a very serious and extremely debilitating disease. While it is often thought of as only a disease that can effect seniors, arthritis can actually be found in people of any age. Since there are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis, one of the key parts of treatment is to correctly identify what type of arthritis is present.

Even though there are a number of different kinds of arthritis, they often share some similar symptoms. For instance, joint pain is one common symptom of arthritis. Sometimes this joint pain may be worst in the mornings, only to go away after thirty minutes to an hour. However, sometimes it doesn't go away or it returns again much worse at night.

It is also not uncommon for physical movements to cause the joint pain to become worse, which is often the result of little pieces of bone breaking off. For many, the pain will become worse when they remain inactive for a period of time, like while sitting and watching television. A long car trip could also cause the joints to hurt when moved, creating a cycle where a person stays still to reduce pain, which only increases the pain they will feel when they move.

While joint pain is the most common and well recognized symptom of arthritis, there are many other ways it can effect the body. For instance, some types of arthritis effect other organs in the body or cause physical deformities. There are even some types of arthritis, which are related to psoriasis and result in scaly blemishes on the skin. Arthritis can also affect mood, causing people to feel uneasy, tired, or worried.

Doctors usually consider the patients symptoms when diagnosing arthritis, because the symptoms can greatly help narrow down what type of disease is present. Blood tests can also help determine what type of arthritis is present. Doctors also often use blood tests to eliminate known diseases and narrow down their diagnosis.

Typically, once the type of arthritis has been properly diagnosed a treatment will be prescribed. The exact treatment varies by the type of arthritis, but they usually all include eating healthily and preforming regular exercise. Those who are obese are at an increased risk for developing arthritis and even loosing just 10 pounds can significantly decrease joint pain. Heat can also help relieve pain for some arthritic individuals.

Water sports are very popular for those with arthritis, because while exercise is important it needs to be a very low impact sport. Water aerobics is the perfect exercise for those with arthritis, who might not otherwise be able to exercise.

In addition to eating right and regular exercise, there are also a number of medications available. These medications differ, but often are designed to help reduce inflammation, which is one of the main factors involved with arthritis.

With proper care arthritis can be managed, but there is no known cure. Instead the effects of the symptoms are reduced and prevented from spreading. Even though many people only associate arthritis with seniors and the elderly, this disease can be found even in very young children.

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Sarah has been involved with the medical industry for some time. Arthritis can be very serious for seniors, who often find that they are not able to stand up without any help. This is because the process of standing up can be very painful when the patient has been immobile for an extended period. There are a number of devices, like lift chairs, available for seniors to help them stand or sit safely and easily, making them a great companion for those with arthritis.