Problems in the modern world can best be alleviated by calling upon the ancient art of Yoga. The practice has been around for thousands of years; but now, more than ever, we need its incredible powers. Just like the home remedies of peoples living centuries ago, Yoga can be incorporated into revitalization of your mind, body and spirit for the 21st century. “The ancient practice of yoga has long been regarded as an effective way of relieving emotional stress, curing bodily ills, and achieving personal equilibrium.” 1

Whether you work at home or “out in the world” stresses will get to you from all corners of your life. The trick is not to spend time trying to avoid them…you can’t…nobody can; but, rather, we ALL must learn how to deal with the inevitable occurrences of life’s stressful situations.

Yoga is free/ inexpensive; can be done without props; needs no special clothing; can be practiced in the home/office; and anyone of any age or physical ability can incorporate Yoga into their lifestyle and be able to reap the myriad benefits. “…yoga helps with all these problems. At the physical level, it gives relief from countless ailments. The practice of postures strengthens the body and creates a feeling of well-being. From the psychological viewpoint, Yoga sharpens the intellect and aids concentration It steadies the emotions and encourages a caring concern for others. Above all, it gives hope.”2

I tried Yoga on a lark because it was offered in my school district’s adult education program. Caring for my two little grandsons while working from home had left me with fatigue, soreness and a general lack of stamina. What I found, was an enjoyable way to “de-stress”, increase flexibility and feel a sense of inner peace. Though hard to believe, the practice of a centuries old art can alleviate the stresses of today, it has helped me immeasurably with the many stresses we “modern” people exhibit. My advice…endeavor to make Yoga a part of your life and your life will be enhanced much more than you can imagine.

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