While many people may feel as though it is impossible to beat anxiety, anxiety control tips can help you to feel calmer. There are in fact several completely natural methods you can use to help yourself and take control of your anxiety in order to live a calmer life.

Natural methods for anxiety control have become much more popular in the last few years as people begin to look for alternatives to medications that can result in side effects. Ideally, natural methods work best when they are used in combination with professional therapy, which can help you to get at the root of your anxiety.

Even if you have not yet started professional therapy; however, these tips can help you to put your anxiety under control.

The first step is to work on banishing negative thoughts. Anxiety tends to feed off of negative thoughts. Of course, it is not usually possible to entirely prevent all negative thoughts; however, it is important to understand that the more negative thoughts you have the more your anxiety will increase. Make an attempt to focus your attention and thoughts on positive things in your life. Not only will this distract you from negative thoughts but in addition positive thoughts will actually trigger what are commonly referred to as ‘feel good’ chemicals to be released from the brain. These chemicals are a very effective natural anxiety treatment.

One way to steer clear of negative thoughts is to try and avoid negative people whenever possible. When you fill your life with negative people it only stands to reason that your thoughts will tend to be negative as well. Make a conscious choice to fill your life with people who are positive. Of course, you cannot always eliminate all negative people from your life but do try to balance the negative with the positive.

Affirmations can be quite powerful in terms of banishing negativity and anxiety as well. Affirmations are positive statements which you say out loud to yourself. Generally, affirmations take the form of speaking as though the results that you want have already happened. As a result, they can help to ‘program’ your subconscious to make those statements really occur. Good examples of affirmations include:

• I am in control of my anxiety and my moods.

• I think only thoughts that are positive.

• I deserve the happiness I feel.

• I deserve the love of others.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you really are in control of your feelings as well as your thoughts. In the end, outside forces really cannot have any more control over your thoughts and feelings than you give them the power to have. You have the choice regarding whether you want external forces to control your thoughts and feelings. Following these tips and making a conscious decision to cease negative thoughts and take control of your feelings and thoughts can help you with anxiety control.

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