Medicine is defined as “the healing art”, a medicine as “a substance possessing curative or remedial properties”.

This is the popular understanding. It is believed that when we become sick we need a medicine in order to recover, we need something to “cure us”.

Most people can appreciate the value of hygienic substances and agencies as a means of preserving health but believe them to be unreliable when applied to the sick. When ill we need more potent, more powerful “remedies” we need medicines. Why??Let us consider the question more carefully.

“MEDICINE” A Delusion

There is no such thing as a “substance possessing curative or remedial properties”. Healing is a biological process accomplished by the lawful and orderly processes of the body.

The process is in continuous operation immediately there is any deviation from the normal until recovery is achieved or death ends the process. Healing agents are not to be found.

Medicines, that is, drugs, may be used for a variety of reasons. Therapeutics is the application of remedies to the disease.

It involves the use of drugs to modify bodily junction in disease, to relieve pain, to destroy bacteria, etc. Drugs may be employed prophytactically that is in the prevention of disease.

Do Drugs Act?

When drugs are taken into the body, a wide variety of actions follow which are ascribed to the particular drug used. Drugs are said to have pharmacological action, therapeutic action, physiological action, Etc. Etc.

The action which follows the taking of a drug may be stimulation, depression, relaxation, anesthesia, diuresis (urination) diaphoresis *sweating) etc.

Hygienists reject drugs and they reject the theory of drug action. Drugs are in their very nature poisonous; this is their intrinsic quality. Were they not so they would not occasion the “therapeutic” effect, which occurs, when they are used. It is because they are poisons the defensive, expulsive action follows their ingestion.

How do drugs act? There is only on way they can act. That is chemically. Chemical action is the only action of which drugs are capable; the therapeutic, pharmacological, physiological, toxicological actions are all appearances.

We are deceived because we persist in ascribing the actions to the body to the action of drugs.

The many actions such as vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, sedation, stimulation, palpitation, etc which occur after taking drugs are actions of the body. These are defensive, remedial and eliminative actions. The body is defending itself against the poison.

Do foods Heal?

What happens when we take food? How does it act on the body? Nothing happens. No action follows the taking of food. It is acted upon to digest and utilized it, no sedation occurs, no vomiting occurs, no palpitation occurs.

But if symptoms do arise we say it is because we have been poisoned, we us the term “food poisoning”. Food is not a poison. There is a distinction, not between the actions of food and the body in relation to food and the actions of the body in relation to poison.

The body is the actor and the food or drug is acted upon

Drugs Incapable of Construction Purposes.

Drugs represent substances that are inimical to life. They are not usable; they cannot supply materials for the building of tissue, for the manufacture of functional products or for use in the performance of the body’s functions.

Their actions are an illusion. It is not the drug which vomits it is not the laxative which purges, it is not the diaphoretic which sweats, and it is not the stimulant which accelerates the heart action.

These are all processes of the living organism. Here the operative word is “living”, for in direct proportion to the degree of vigor inherent in the organism is the action in relation to drugs.

The feeble and old do not display the vigorous action seen in the young and healthy when drugs are taken. No matter how “powerful” the drug, it is incapable of “acting” in the dead body.

It is of Vital importance to our understanding of health, disease and healing whether the drug acts to produce functions or is acted upon and expelled by functions. It is not denied that action follows the taking of a drug but action follows the taking of food or the breathing of air. The question we have to settle is which performs the action, the living organism or the passive, inert chemical?


All poisons, drugs, medicines, have the tendency, because of their chemical nature, to combine with the constituents of the body. That is they tend to form a chemical union with the body’s substances. This is chemical action. When a drug is taken this may occur and there is destruction of tissue with impairment of the organ or part.

The emetic may combine chemically with the constituents of the stomach and damage it; the purgative may combine chemically with the bowels and damage them. This is chemical action and the body seeks to prevent by its many defensive, expulsive actions.

Vomiting is produced to expel the poison before it combines chemically with the tissues of the stomach, purging is accomplished in order to prevent damage to the bowels as a result of chemical union with the drug and their constituents.

If the common drug aspirin is taken, certain effects may follow: the acceleration of the heart is the action of the body, the erosion of the stomach wall is the chemical action of the salicylic acid: the damage to the kidneys is chemical action. When digitalis is taken there is an alteration in heart action: this is the action of the body. The myocardial (heart muscle) damage which follows its use is the result of chemical action.

Chemical actions not body-controlled are dangerous.

Drugs act chemically and in this way they permanently damage the body. For when two substances unite chemically the resulting compound differs from the former substances.

When a drug “acts” chemically on the tissues of the body the resulting compound does not resemble the drug nor the tissue constituents. If drugs combine chemically with the constituents of the cells of the body the cell will die in the process.

The body’s resistive, defensive, expulsive actions are employed to prevent this chemical union occurring.

If drugs are taken regularly over a long period of time, they gradually lose their effect. Large doses are often given as the drug no longer has the power to “act” as effectively as when it was first prescribed.

The truth of the matter is that it never had any power, but as a result of the continuous defensive and expulsive efforts made by the body it has lost its power to produce the same vigorous actions. The body has become exhausted and weaker.

“People cannot be poisoned into health”

Every action performed by the body in defense against drugs weakens it. We cannot poison people into health. Drugs do not remove the cause of disease; they do not supply the materials of health.

It is a hygienic principle that if substances are harmful to the body in health they are harmful in disease. It is indeed a strange “science” which teaches us that substances which make us sick when we are well should be taken when we are sick to make us well.

What does all this mean? It means that it is your job and your job alone to build up your immune system. It was meant to function perfectly.

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