I recently had a conversation with two professionals who had resigned
From their jobs. She had resigned in 2003, he in 2005.

What was interesting about our conversation was that they were both
TALKING ABOUT their job choices. Nothing was said in the conversation
About PLANS to find the next jobs.

Instead, they both described various activities that they were both involved
In. He was writing and had just finished a book and working on another.
Good, of course. No publisher yet, however.

She was practicing a musical instrument, taking computer publishing classes.
I heard her say that this was increasing her job skills, but there was still no
Job goal.

He mentioned, in addition to his writing, that he was thinking of renewing
His building contractor’s license. He had done this kind of work before to
Achieve a more professional status. Not so good! He is older and cannot
Do the “heavy lifting” required in a building contractor’s job role.

Here is where I began to understand that they were both DOING GOOD
While DOING BAD in making choices for new jobs. The doing good part
Was remaining curious and active in life. The doing bad, was that there
Was no planning for the job part. Sure, it is important that people give
Themselves freedom to experiment BEFORE they make concrete job choices.
It is when this stage is prolonged with too many choices that the job seeker
often makes poor job choices based on a lack of focus.

And, the doing good while doing bad is based on procrastination AND IN LYING TO ONESELF. The lying to oneself is done by engaging in “busy work”, which does not lead to a job goal. Better to be active, yes, than hiding out and being depressed and not looking for anything. The key words are FOCUS along with ACTION that gets a job search going.

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Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
Graduate of JFKennedy Career Certificat Program
Cell phone: (509) 307-2396