Is your love life going downhill fast? Tired of being turned down time and time again by the hotties at your local club? Are women not returning your calls? Can’t get a second date? Not getting past first base... EVER?! Then maybe it’s time to turn to women who will actually appreciate your advances!

I suggest targeting fat women, ugly women, and psycho chicks! They’re everywhere! A great way to meet them is to join support groups for people with various disorders. Obviously, finding groups for women overcoming sexual addiction is a great place to start. Other fine suggestions are groups for overeaters, medication addiction, depression, and of course AA. These are all fantastic places to pick up chicks! The lower you set your standards, the easier it is to score!

Just try it! Before you know it, you’ll have more women stalking you than you can shake a restraining order at. Thank God for caller ID!

And if the above advice sounds at all appealing to you, then you’re in more trouble than the people attending the groups listed above. If you’ve reached such a low point in your life that you’d actually consider lowering your standards in order to get laid, then you my friend need some serious help!

A man should never, EVER lower his standards. If you find yourself down on your luck, then look inward. Evaluate yourself as honestly as you can. What are you doing wrong? Is it your appearance, your approach, lack of confidence, social skills? All of these areas can be improved.

Write down a list of things that you need to work on. Focus your energy inward. Women are attracted to confident men. Before you can develop true confidence you need to like yourself first. As I’ve said time and time again on our website, why would any woman be attracted to you if you don’t first truly like who you are inside?

Find your own faults, work on them, improve yourself, become happy with who you are inside, and then the woman will come.

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