Every day hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, and tornadoes are reshaping Mother Earth.

Never before have we witnessed so many lives being violently silenced. Turn on the evening news and your mind is focused in the direction of cataclysmic upheavals. Many media suggestions are rooted in an outlook that the world is like some tornado-driven wreck on an inevitable destructive course.

This “brink of disaster” mindset is based on ignorance, power, disharmony, discord, and destruction. It leaves us enslaved to effects and supports the forces that fling us to and fro. The idea that the world must be saved robs you, leaving you in a contracted state of mind.

The world is not a ship wreck waiting to be rescued.

The world is a series of mental images that have been projected onto the screen of space and time. If we change what we are imagining the world will reflect different outcomes. Yet many of us remain enslaved to concepts, perceptions and habits that were taught to us by mistaken teachers, preachers, politicians, and the news media when it comes to our views of the world and politics.

We need to understand that there is a Perfect Architects Image at work in the world and when we align with it, the vibration of life is of a gentle, peaceful, expression. Every provision (from Latin, foresight, from providere to see ahead) has been provided by the Infinite Intelligence that is dreaming the world into being. This Principle of Power surrounds our global community on all sides. It is closer than your breath. Within this boundless wisdom lives the Great Purpose behind all life.

We, on the other hand are like captains in training, learning to set sail on the right course.

All possibility for forward movement and a better world exists in the substance from which man dreams. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the possibilities for expansion and growth. Now is the time to become aware that we have the power to create new causes and experience new and wonderful results. We are free to use the Principle of Power and grow in whatever direction we desire.

Exercise your power to think! Become a powerful choice-maker!

• Choose to understand and apply the laws that govern our universe.
• Choose to break free from the violent vibrations of the times.
• Choose to become a capable director of your greatest possession--- ENERGY.
• Choose to think, grow rich and be wise.
• Choose to refuse to allow a celebrity or preacher to choose your political candidate.
• Choose to become balanced spiritually, emotionally and physically.
• Choose to protect yourself from absorbing media opinions and negative suggestions.
• Choose to practice making decisions that assist you in creatively using the Law of Attraction.
• Choose to look for what is right, rather than dwell on images of destruction and misery.
• Choose to fall in love with idea of living peacefully and happily.
• Choose to take charge of your mental blueprints and emotional responses and you will begin to energize a new thought pattern that can help change lives and the entire world.

As within, so without!

To endeavor to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to proceed with difficulty and great effort. Why struggle against the very nature of things? There can never be lasting outer change until there is first a change within the consciousness of man.

Never Accept the Suggestion of Lack.

Why allow yourself to be seduced by suggestions of lack and handcuffed to effects when you can begin to put the greatness that is within you into every moment. Become an original thinker! Expand your consciousness. Take action! Be willing to disseminate information to the millions of people who are struggling to figure out how to claim their spiritual inheritance and help them live a fuller, richer, healthier and happier life on earth.

Remember, you are a part of the Principle of Power. Therefore as it expands, increases, and advances, you must grow and advance with it. With imagination and practice we can align ourselves with the attitude of “forward movement” and eventually arrive in the harbor of perfect harmony.

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Melissa Zollo, law of attraction and self motivation specialist, is the author of "Discover the Power of Imagination" and "How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money" CD audio programs. FREE daily tips and newsletter available at www.presentmemory.com.

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