I believe anyone reading this article knows or has known about job martyrs. Maybe you are one. My definition of a martyr is one who has
A calling to become sacrificial to a purpose that is larger than themselves.

Being a job martyr is common. Many people keep a job that is either
Dreadful, boring or harmful to one’s inner being. (I’ve been there).

Here are my reasons people use for staying with a bad job:

1. Fear of making a change.
2. Economic hardship, either real or imagined.
3. Avoiding risks.
4. Inner conflict about self worthiness.
5. Lack of other goals.
6. Self punishment as a personal choice in life.
7. Seeing the glass as “half empty”.
8. Not enough emotional support.
9. Fear of not “making it”, whatever that means.
10. Parent’s or others have said to grin & bear it.

I don’t think more definitions are needed for this list.

If you find yourself using one of these reasons or all of them, it’s
Time to take stock and understand why your are so stuck. Venturing out of a false comfort zone may be needed to help you find a job you need and want. It might be the right time to find a career coach or counselor coach if “stuckness” becomes a way of life!

Author's Bio: 

Graduate of Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, Ca with a master's degree in human development and administration.
Graduate of JFKennedyUniversity's Career Development Certificate Program
Certified as a Career & Job Transition Coach from the Adult Career Development Network in San Jose, CA