The art of conversation comes so easily to some, but for others it is a real struggle. Learning how to get past those things that stand in your way are the first step to learning the art of communication.

There are three common reasons why people tend to feel uncomfortable about conversation. The following list explains these reasons and how to overcome them so you can be a master of conversation.

1. Fear.

Many people fear others will think they are not intelligent or that they do not belong in the conversation. First of all you must recognize that many others feel the same way. You need to be confident about yourself. The best way to do this is to talk about things you know about.

If you try to join a discussion where you have no idea what they are talking about you may end up looking ignorant. Even in these cases, though, there is a way to avoid feeling bad. You just need to ask questions. Questions are the best way to learn and others will appreciate the fact that you are interested enough to learn about what interests them.

2. Nothing to say.

Starting a conversation may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to start a conversation is to talk about something that everyone can relate to. Some good conversation topics include, pet peeves, asking about family or employment and talking about current events.

Finding common ground brings everyone into the conversation and leads to great communication. If you are worried about conversation suddenly stopping or not being able to find something to continue talking about then use these same tips.

Bring up a new topic. Ask questions about the old topic. Just keep the tone friendly and you should be able to continue the conversation easily.

3. Offending someone.

Sometimes we worry that we will say something wrong and offend someone. For example, we make a comment about a certain profession only to find out someone in the group is in that profession.

The best way to avoid these mishaps are to not say negative things. Simply keep your comments complementary. Do not talk about hot button issues like religion and politics. Also avoid anything that could be seen as racist or prejudice.

These three things are the main reason why many people avoid conversation all together. Communication is essential to social and emotional growth. To avoid a good conversation is only damaging to you.

You can overcome these worries and fears to master the art of conversation Just follow the tips above and you should see that the art of conversation is nothing to be afraid of or to avoid. It can open up new worlds to you and create many long lasting relationships.

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