Arthritis medications provide a way to get relief from this painful disease that affects millions of people from all over the world. And it is not just the old people who need arthritis medication (though they are the ones who are mainly affected), the young and the middle aged people need them too. Naturally therefore, since the number of people needing such treatment is huge, there are many options in the market to select from. So when selecting arthritis medication there is actually quite a choice. But even then, the arthritis medication needs to be selected carefully, because the fact is that, while many medicines simply do not deliver what they promise, there are others that come with harmful side effects.

Before selecting the arthritis medication it is essential to keep in mind that any medication should be able to do 2 things. Firstly it should naturally be able to douse the pain that can become severe at times. And secondly, the medicine should be able to reduce the swellings in the joints.

Arthritis is an age old disease and so both scientists and men of medicine have been for long trying to find a remedy to this problem. And in recent years, there has been an increase in research and funding and results have started to come in too. One area that has come in the last decade or two is natural medicines (actually this is nothing new, there have been references centuries back in ancient India and China) – that is arthritis medications that have been scientifically developed from ingredients that are present in nature.

These all natural arthritis medications not only are extremely effective and safe, but they also come without any side effects. And that is because they are not made with any harmful chemicals and factory made elements.

Here are a few other common arthritis medication types…

NSAIDs or Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers: Many use them to get relief from the pain and the swelling. These are among the most commonly used drugs for arthritis.

Topical Pain Relievers: Topical applications that try to douse the pain as well. Another popular remedy.

Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs: Also known as DMARDs, rather than just trying to kill the pain, these drugs attempt to work on the immune system and try to control its responses to joint pain. Though these drugs take a deeper look at the problem, but sadly many such arthritis medications come with side effects as well.

Corticosteroids or Steroids: Steroids, having anti-inflammatory properties, are also used to tackle some forms of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis. However they too come with side effects and are thus best left avoided.

Biologic Therapy: Yet another arthritic medication that has become popular particularly for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. They also work on the immune system to alter the biologic response process of the human body. These arthritis medications are administered through intravenous injections.

Chemotherapy: Originally used for cancer patients, but since it can slow down the cell reproduction rate, it has been found useful for arthritis as well.

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