The best way to cure arthritis is by doing two things!

1. Understanding what caused your arthritis.

2. Realizing the best way to treat arthritis is to prevent arthritis.

In this article, we will address both of those topics to help you cure your arthritis. However, did you know that only in recent decades, did researchers begin to believe that there is a cure for arthritis?

Fact! Researchers were dumbfounded after discovering indigenous tribes in undeveloped countries whose members consistently live to be 90-100 years of age. What was even more amazing is how tribesmen would work (hunting, gathering, planting, harvesting) up to their dying day. And the the kicker! These primitive tribes have not one known case of arthritis. How could this be? After years of questions, researchers finally concluded that the tribes' diets are the cause of such a healthy life.

What Causes Arthritis?

Understanding the cause of arthritis can allow you to know how to treat arthritis.

So what causes arthritis? Arthritis is typically caused by the following: poor diet; unbalanced diet; inactive lifestyle; stress; inefficient vitamins; improper breathing; and lack of sleep.

Did you notice that you can control most (if not all) of the arthritis factors. In fact, the biggest cause of arthritis is your diet!

Naturally Treating Arthritis with Your Diet

Did you know that the FDA allows over a thousand additives and preservatives to be added to our food? In fact, thirty-year-old landfills recently opened were found to have hotdogs which still have not decomposed. How disgusting does that sound? Now think of the other foods (with preservatives) our body digests on a daily basis?

So why am I telling you this? Because the resilient tribes who live to be one hundred years of age have never consumed one additive or preservative in their life! And note, these tribes have also not one case of arthritis.

Arthritis-Free Dieting Tips

1. Stop drinking soda! Typically anything in a can is loaded with preservatives and additives.

2. Drink less coffee and more herbal teas.

3. Stop eating white flour. Anything with the words 'enriched' is not a good choice for arthritis.

4. Lower your sugar intake. Most arthritic symptoms are associated with high amounts of sugar.

5. Stay away from dairy products.

6. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. These water-soluble fiber foods are great for arthritis sufferers.

7. Eat protein from any lean meat, eggs, beans, grains and nuts.

8. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each and every day! This is extremely important for curing arthritis.

9. Stay away from fast foods and processed foods.

10. The best foods are always fresh and raw. Eat foods that will spoil after a couple of weeks.

These simple and helpful tips will get you started on the right path for treating your arthritis with no medications and no surgery. However, don't stop with these tips. To discover an array of foods to eat and not eat; various breathing exercises; fitness ideas, natural anti-inflammatory herbs and other tips to naturally cure arthritis; please check out our safe and secured website today.

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