Arthritis pain can be very intense and many people live in this pain all day and night long. The arthritis pain can strike someone who is younger, but this arthritis pain usually strikes older people. People are living longer so more people end up suffering from arthritis pain. A good percentage of older people live their lives totally influenced by this awful affliction. There are different types of arthritis, and therefore different types of arthritis pain.

The pain strikes in different areas of the body so not all the people are afflicted by the exact same pain although they share the disease. Those who explain the meaning of words will explain that arthritis means the inflammation of the joints. Some older people who suffer from arthritis will describe arthritis pain as a burning sensation. The term arthritis refers to many different ailments, and the pain from these ailments can include the burning sensation. These people also suffer from stiffness and swelling of the joints. The disease itself affects the joints, but it also affects the muscles, bones and other organs. The two most common names associated with arthritis pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these conditions can be very serious.
Some Relief Is Available for Arthritis Pain
Arthritis pain does not appear until later in life, but there is much research on the sources of the pain. The pain often comes from the tissue that surrounds the joints such as the knees. In other cases, the pain comes from inflammation of the tendons and ligaments.

The pain also comes from fatigue and muscle strain. Some people could suffer pain from one of these sources, yet others could suffer pain from all of the sources. The intensity of the pain depends on the sources of the pain.

Arthritis pain is different in people so some suffer greatly from arthritis while others suffer only mild pain. Doctors try to find out about the intensity of the pain in order to prescribe proper treatment for people. Sometimes doctors ask patients to keep a log to describe the pain they feel at different times during the day. They also ask patients to try and describe what they did or did not do when the pain occurred. The treatment for arthritis pain ranges from normal painkillers such as Tylenol that can be bought at any drugstore. Other treatment may require a visit to a pain treatment center for specialized prescriptions.

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