Even to this very day, this is the part about New Sex? that BLOWS MY MIND:

I too -- when I was 28 and had shared sexual relations with over 100 women ? thought I had done and knew how to do everything in sex?

I too thought there was nothing new under the sun?

I too thought I had experience GREAT sex?

I too was wrong.

YOU probably think you know how to do EVERYTHING in sex?

YOU probably think there?s nothing new under the sun?

YOU probably think you?ve experienced some GREAT sex in your life?

And YOU probably are wrong.

I can say this because today in the USA less than 10% of all women experience female ejaculations and G-Spot orgasms. 

I give seminars across the country, and at my seminars less than 10% of the men have ever been with a woman who has ejaculated at orgasm.

Have you?

Do YOU know how to give ANY woman female ejaculations and G-Spot orgasms?

Have you ever experienced simultaneous EJACULATIONS with a lover? 

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A whole NEW WORLD is waiting for you?

A world of animal intensity?

Screaming, moaning, roaring, sweating simultaneous orgasms every time you try?

A new world of incredible intimacy and male-female bonding that you just can?t get to with ?regular sex?.

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Author's Bio: 

Clint Arthur founded the New Sex Institute in 1999 to help adults gain more intimacy and love in life thru sexual ecstasy. He is a candidate for President of the United States in 2004