Employees are the backbone of an organization. Their behavior, attitude, and manner can make or break a company. An attitude is a person's personal view of something, and is asserted in their body language, conduct, and speech. Attitude can make the atmosphere in a corporation pleasant or toxic. Like a cold an attitude can be contagious and spread like wild-fire. Some attitudes are a result of outside forces, but some attitudes are because of misery from within.

One problem that I have seen that causes an employee's mood or attitude to change is their money issues. Money issues can be two-fold: a) they feel they are not making enough, and b) they are spending more than they make. I remember going to a job, and on my first day in the cafeteria an employee said, "We all live pay-check to pay-check here, so we're all broke." I have no idea why she choose to tell me that, but I soon learned she was the most miserable of people. I don't believe people want to live pay-check to pay-check and be broke. It's a habit or lifestyle they have chosen, and they aren't sure how or what to change. Even if an employer isn't paying you what you want; you accepted the terms and conditions. Therefore, it is up to you to change your attitude, situation, and circumstance.

I believe many of us create our own happiness and our own drama. If you're not happy with your current situation, then do something about it. If you're not getting paid enough -- find a new job. Are you broke? What can you change in your habits and spending to get a different outcome? Do you hate your job? Thank God you have a job that is paying you while you look for a new one -- so stop complaining. As an employee there are a few things you can do to change your situation: a) get a new attitude, b) change the way you think and behave, and c) stop being a toxic dump at the company.

It's not just the employee's attitude that makes an unpleasant work environment. Employers have many things they can change as well to create a better working environment. Below are a few things an employer can do to help change the morale, attitude, and culture of their company.

* Talk to your employees -- say hello and smile

* Get employee's insight and opinions on different matters -- they may actually teach you something

* Have self-improvement lunch-n-learn seminars -- show them that you care about them as a person

* Encourage a balanced work-family life -- help them live more stable lives

* Build a culture of trust -- let them know that you hired them because you trust them to do what you hired them to do

* Allow your employees to use their creativity -- their brain may be different than yours, but it is still a brain

* Say Thank You -- an act of kindness goes a long way

How we think, act, and feel affects our attitude. It truly does take a village, team, and partnership at home, work, and play to score a victory in this life. Change your attitude and win the game of life!

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Sharman Lawson is a debt, money, financial and life coach. Also, she is a speaker and author of the book 12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever. Sharman Lawson and her husband paid off all their debt including their mortgage, in less than five years, on a combined income of less than $50,000 a year. Contact Sharman Lawson at 770.966.1639 for a FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation. Visit her website at www.sharmanlawson.com.