If your network marketing business has reached a solid level yet you're in that zone where no matter what you do, you cannot increase your current level of income, don't panic because there are things you can do to ignite that elusive spark and get the income flowing more freely.

Many network marketers immediately think about firing their company and looking for greener pastures. The question needs to be asked...if you have a down line of some depth, then why would you do this. Unless the company is about to go out of business fair enough but if it is going solidly, forget it.

Another mistake network marketers make repeatedly is trying to maximize their income producing efforts. By this, we mean trying to run more than one business. No matter how good you are as a network marketer, trying to operate two or more network marketing businesses is nearly impossible.

For a start, when you have leads coming into your funnel, which company do you direct them to? What happens if they join one of your opportunities and find out you're involved with several others? And more importantly, what about your reputation after teaching your prospects one way and one company's benefits yet you're out there promoting other companies. Don't do it.

And worse still, what about your focus? It's hard enough trying to build one network marketing business let alone two, three or even more at the same time.

How To Breathe Life In Your MLM Business

The answer is not to look for another company. Here are ways to build a bigger fire under your network marketing business:

1. Look at your recruiting methods. Are you still concentrating on old outdated MLM methods offline?

2. If what's not working for you is also not going to work for your down line.

3. Look at moving your recruiting efforts online. If you're not yet doing this then you are missing a huge opportunity to attract new, targeted prospects into your business.

4. Identify the members of your downline who are putting in a concentrated effort to build their business and work with them online.

5. Creating online real estate in the form of websites, blogs and Web 2.0 collateral needs to be your top priority.

6. Above all, create strong relationships with those in your downline prepared to get out of their comfort zones with you and in combination with the attraction marketing power of the internet, you should see magic happen and new life being breathed into your down line.

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