An attraction marketing blueprint is little more than the ability to draw prospects to you. But don't underestimate the power of this and it's ability to literally set your business growth levels into overdrive.

The truth is, attraction marketing has been around for many years. It's not something confined to the online world. Offline, there are several effective ways of implementing including the use of well crafted reports and advertisements.

Network marketing really got the attraction marketing blueprint laid out during 2007 and since then, many have clamored for a front row seat to learn these principles and implement them in their own business. So what exactly is it?

In this article, we'll explain the difference between an attraction marketer and someone who is simply a salesperson. There is a strong difference and it's quite possible you'll experience one of those rare "aha moments."

Blueprint For Attraction Marketing

Targeting genuine prospects and then leading them along the assembly line through education and training is something a little foreign to most network marketers.

Attraction marketing is based on the ability to effectively target prospects. Most important of all, these prospects will start to actively seek you out for further information. How does this differ from the old offline ways of working?

Well, you don’t need to plague or harass friends and family. You don’t have the random hit and miss method of finding prospects to worry about. This cuts down on the amount of rejections you receive which has probably caused such a high rate of failure in the network marketing world. Many get rejected so many times they see no alternative but to quit their business.

The great thing about attraction marketing is that you can avoid these people and their rejections. Your message will be placed in front of those who really want to listen. From that point on you can forget the sales pitch and start providing your audience with training and education and give them useful information they can take away and implement in their business.

The process isn’t just about attracting a prospect to your business. Look at this scenario – two network marketers decide to implement an identical attraction marketing plan in order to attract prospects. One of them starts immediately with the sales pitch. The other marketer decides to provide prospects with training on article marketing or a report on how to get great results from web 2 properties or a guide on how to create a promotional blog.

Which of these attraction marketer's blueprint scenarios would attract you? There is no competition really. You would definitely choose the second option. Also, the second marketer would have a dedicated follower very quickly who over time would probably wish to join their business as they have developed a keen interest in helping them instead of giving them the hard sell.

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