Whatever you continually feed to your mind becomes the material of your mind. It also becomes your point of attraction.

Autosuggestion, very simply, is what you suggest to yourself. It’s the process of feeding the mind. It is a form of self-hypnosis that we do pretty much all day every day. And the habitual untrained form of autosuggestion that we do by default is creating and perpetuating most of what we would call our “problems.”

This Works for Your Good. On first glance, this would seem like a bad thing. But if you look a little closer, you will see that there is something very good going on here. These big bad things that we call our “problems” are not inflicted on us from the outside but from the way that we think. There is power in the language we use when we explain things to ourselves. And that is something we have the freedom to choose.

The fact that we are so impressionable through this medium of autosuggestions means we have total control over our situation and we can change it. We can intentionally, deliberately and powerfully take charge of the suggestions we are planting in our minds. We can easily shift the focus we are using as the basis of our vibration and we can invite Law of Attraction to match a whole new tone. This brings forward a completely new manifestation.

Autosuggestion and Healing. D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, talked about autosuggestion as one of the main causes of dis-ease. When you flip that understanding, you can see that it is also one of the most effective modalities of healing. The ideas we feed ourselves, when they are disempowering, create obstructions to the flow of life force. When they are in tune with universal truth they are the most powerful healers we know.

Autosuggestion and the Subconscious Mind. In the time-honored classic Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about autosuggestion as the agency of communication between conscious thought and the seat of action within the unconscious. He says, “Through the dominating thoughts which one permits to remain in the conscious mind (whether these thoughts be negative or positive is immaterial), the principle of autosuggestion voluntarily reaches the subconscious mind and influences it with these thoughts.

“No thought, whether it be negative or positive can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of the principle of autosuggestion, with the exception of thoughts picked up from
the ether.”

Autosuggestion and Affirmations. When you use affirmations, you are practicing autosuggestion in a deliberate way. You are deliberately selecting the dominant thought in your mind and allowing that to filter into the unconscious where it not only directs your actions and promotes your healing, but it also tunes your vibration so that Law of Attraction begins bringing you all the things you desire. Well, let me rephrase that. Law of Attraction is always doing that, but by tuning yourself with affirmations, you get to experience it. You allow it into your reality.

And so the appearance is that all of a sudden the universe is cooperating. But really it is you who have come into alignment with what the universe has been doing all along.

Choosing an Affirmation. Here is a subtle but very important point when choosing your affirmations.

You don’t want to lay a positive affirmation over a negative feeling like a cloak. I offer that image because, as you can imagine, that negative complex of ideas and feelings, while “covered” by the affirmation, will still survive. It can even become more troublesome because, in a certain respect, the affirmation is resisting the negative pattern. It is really keeping it defined and functioning by trying to cloak it in this way. Remember, the universe is not listening to your words. It is reading your vibration. You are using words, not to communicate with the Universe, but to modulate your own energy.

So what do we want to do instead of cloaking the negativity? We want to find an affirmation that rings true to our essence. It causes something in you that is natural and powerful and authentic to start vibrating in resonance with the affirmation. As you do this, it is not the power of the affirmation that you are benefiting from. It is the power of your true being that is coming forward with the assistance of your deliberate autosuggestion.

I invite you to carefully examine the thoughts you are feeding your mind through autosuggestion and select your mental diet with more deliberate intention. A well-chosen affirmation is more powerful than a drug and more nourishing than the healthiest meal because it tunes you to who you really are. And there is nothing in the physical dimension that can even come close to the power of that alignment.

© 2008 Rebbie Straubing

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This article is excerpted from a talk called “Affirmative Contemplation.” You can hear the whole seminar at http://AffirmativeContemplation.com. Dr. Rebbie Straubing a workshop leader, Abraham Coach and spiritual writer. Her free e-course, “7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire,” is available at http://www.YOFA.net

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