Many people realize that our intuition – our “gut feeling” – invariably tells us the best action to take. However, I have long wondered why intuitive guidance is so vague and cryptic, so easy to miss or misunderstand. After all, if God is omnipotent, why can’t S/He just tell me in plain English what S/He wants me to do! Finally, I heard an enlightening analogy that answered the question for me: As a human being, I am far more intelligent than a stinkbug. Yet, it is impossible for me to communicate with a stinkbug, even if I have important information that might benefit the insect, such as, “Stop! You are heading into the street where you will likely be squashed!” Compared to Supreme Intelligence, you and I are no more than proud stinkbugs, unable to grasp the unfathomable “language” of Divine thought!

So, if Spirit communicates with us through intuitive knowing, when and in what language does the communication take place? I believe that the communication is ever-present. Unfortunately, the only time that the message gets through is when the chatter of the conscious mind abates. And when does the chatter of the conscious mind fall silent for everyone? ...when we are asleep, of course!

With supreme wisdom and infinite patience, Spirit has found a way to communicate with us using a language that is understandable to humankind: The language of symbols. What’s more, it would be dangerous to communicate these all-important messages to us while we are driving on the freeway or putting for par. Therefore, Spirit graciously communicates to us in our dreams, when our attention is undivided. Unfortunately, even though important messages are communicated to us regularly, we still must take responsibility for listening, understanding and acting on the message that comes through. Fortunately, there are systems and practitioners of dream interpretation that can help one get over the hump of unawareness or resistance, as the case may be.

The system of dream interpretation that I practice is called DreamWork. According to DreamWork, all people, places and things that appear in a dream are symbolic. The meaning of each symbol is strictly personal, as Spirit talks in a vocabulary that is especially meaningful to each individual. For example, if a red Corvette appears in my dream, it might mean something different to me than to someone who is a collector of vintage cars.

While symbols have personal meanings, every symbol is identified as representing one of the four parts of the human mind: logical mind, emotional mind, the belief system and spiritual mind. In my practice, the client and I distill the personal meaning of the symbol, and knowing which aspect of the mind is represented by the symbol, the message of the dream becomes clear when we observe how the symbols interact with each other within the dream. For example, if in my dream I drive my red Corvette over a cliff, the message may be revealing that an aspect of my logical/rational mind is riding a certain belief into a dangerous, threatening situation.

Why would we consistently find spiritual guidance in dreams? The answer lies in the basic universal condition of Return to Oneness. The guidance that we receive in our dreams is intended to help us take the next step in our personal evolution and healing. Each step we take in our personal growth brings us one step closer to Higher Consciousness. It’s one of Spirit’s ways of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for us to return home.

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Based in La Jolla, CA, Malcolm Avner is a holistic coach for business and life . Over the past 25 years, he has helped hundreds of business owners improve profitability, create plans for growth and tackle daunting organizational issues. He has coached professionals and non-professionals in his practice by using intuitive tools such as DreamWork, energy therapy and Family Systemic Constellation. Whole-life issues are addressed within the context of business issues.