The first and the most common mistake is having unrealistic expectations. This will always lead to frustrations, no matter how good or bad the treatment was. Irrespective of what the manufacturers and marketers of any hair loss product say, do not believe that you can recover all of your lost hair. Most treatments only enable you to slow down the balding process or, in better instances, to keep the existing hair. The best possible achievement you can expect from any treatment is to regrow the hair you have lost in the previous three years. But this is only possible if you start treating your condition at an early stage of the balding process. This brings us to the second mistake many hair loss sufferers make - denying their hair loss and starting to treat their condition only after they have already developed a bald patch. The later you start treating the baldness, the less chances you have of regrowing lost hair. In order to regrow hair you must have fine miniaturised hair left in your bald areas. This hair is often called peach fuzz. Once your hair follicles have died and there is no baby hair left, no miracle can rejuvenate them.

Many hair loss sufferers, as they start working on their research, become scared reading about the potential negative side effects of proven medicinal treatments and opt for allegedly safer alternative treatments. Marketers of natural, hair loss remedies tend to overexaggerate the negative side effects of Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) in order to lure you into buying their “risk-free” product. The chances that you will lose your sex drive from finasteride or grow additional facial hair because of minoxidil are less than 1%. You should first try the proven medicinal remedies and only if you have experienced negative side effects try some alternative therapy. Starting with unproven treatments right away deprives you of the opportunity to test some of the best remedies available out there. If you start treating your condition with an alternative treatment, the likelihood you pick the one that works well for you is close to zero. Thus, you are almost certainly wasting time while the hair loss continues to advance. And do not believe that all natural, hair loss treatments are safe. That is not true either.

Another frequent mistake is to use multiple treatments simultaneously. If you like trying out different things, do not try them all at the same time. Any treatment requires a minimum of four months to kick in and you should allow it at least six months to deliver measurable results. Please note that overdosing will not speed up or improve results.

And lastly, do not overreact to shedding. Shedding hair is common to almost any treatment. If you start a new treatment such as Rogaine, you will first have to shed the old hair. Rogaine is assumed to stimulate hair follicles, resulting in increasing the thickness of your miniaturised hair. However, this will not happen overnight. First, the old thin fibber must be shed, then the hair follicles rearrange themselves in order to start producing thicker hair. Typically, the first signal that the treatment is working is accelerated hair loss.

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