One of the best ways to avoid heartburn is to determine what foods act as a trigger, and avoid them. Although medications can offer quick relief, the effect is only temporary. The real solution is to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that allow you to avoid the discomfort of heartburn forever.

The first step in discovering the foods that cause heartburn is to keep track of your daily diet. There are common food triggers, such as caffeine, high fat foods, alcohol, and citrus fruits, but it is important to determine what foods are your personal triggers. Keeping a personal food diary for several days can help you determine if it is one specific food, or a combination of factors that sets off an episode of heartburn. This will also save you from needlessly cutting out foods that you enjoy.

Some people find that certain foods cause heartburn only when they add extra stress to the mix, so they can still enjoy all their favorite foods, but need to be aware of their stress level to avoid heartburn. Others find that stopping eating three hours before bedtime solves the heartburn puzzle, and they don't have to give up anything.

Once you have determined the obvious triggers, the next step is to try to incorporate a diet plan that avoids these triggers, but remains balanced and tasty. Sometimes this can be a challenge. If you find that coffee is one of your trigger foods, and you have to give it up, it can be difficult. Your body is accustomed to the extra caffeine, and you might suffer slight withdrawal symptoms. The most common symptom is a headache. The good news is that if you drink extra water, the symptoms subside quickly and soon you will be heartburn and headache free.

Adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetable to your diet can also help you make the dietary changes that are needed. Your stomach does not need to produce as much acid to digest these foods, as it does for greasy and fatty meals. In addition to solving your heartburn discomfort, you will be boosting your nutrition and making lifestyle changes that will benefit your entire body.

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