Holiday and business travel can be exhausting and stressful, so it’s good to counterbalance the effects of air and road journeys, climate and time-zone changes and the disruptions to your diet, sleep and daily routine by following a few simple Ayurvedic guidelines:


1. Continuous sitting disturbs elimination.

2. Traveling in fast-moving vehicles disturbs mental and emotional balance.

3. Irregular routine disturbs mental and emotional balance

4. Irregular meals and bed times disturbs digestion and sleep.


Vata dosha in general tends to get disturbed during travel, so a regular daily routine for a week before you set off on a big trip helps to balance Vata.

1. Allow plenty of time

2. Plan your travel in advance so nothing is a rush on the day.

3. Travel without tiredness - Get several early nights before the journey; bed always before 10 pm. 4. Start relaxed - Rise early, have a warm oil massage before you bathe or shower, do some yoga asanas and meditation.

5. Drink some warm water first thing in the morning.

6. Eat lightly - a light, warm meal before you start because travel makes the digestion delicate.

7. Put a few drops of soothing Vata Aroma Oil on a hanky or tissue for during the journey.

8. Take Amrit Kalash rasayana to support vitality and natural immunity. 9. Pack some soothing Vata-balancing or cooling Pitta-balancing herbal soap and shampoo.


1. Avoid cold, heavy food at the airport, or on the plane or train. Eat fresh fruit and easy-to-digest foods.

2. Sip hot water throughout the day.

3. Take a flask of Vata Tea, (or some Vata Tea bags and ask the flight attendant for hot water).

4. Avoid tea and coffee, especially in hot weather. 5. If you are on a plane or train, have an occasional walk, a good stretch and breathe deeply to get some oxygen into your lungs. If you are driving, stop for a ten-minute walk at least every two hours.

6. The recycled pressurised air inside a plane dries the skin, so splash your face with water from time to time.

7. Listen to Gandharva Veda music to relax.


1. Eat light nourishing food once you arrive to allow your digestion to adjust.

2. Rest after the journey.

3. Drink lots of warm water through the day to replenish moisture levels.

4. Do a daily morning massage to enhance circulation and soothe the mind and emotions.

5. Don’t forget about elimination. Use the toilet regularly. Take Triphala with Rose every evening to help balance your elimination. 6. If it’s a hot climate, wear a sun hat.


1. Diffuse a few drops of soothing Vata Aroma Oil in your room. 2. Play some Ghandarva Veda (melodies appropriate for the time of day which have a settling effect on the physiology and the environment). Try the evening melody (7pm - 10pm), or the morning melody (7am - 10am), or the Rain Melody (for any time of day) 3. If you are having trouble settling down to sleep, try Peace at Night Tea.


1. Avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks (too much makes you thirsty)

2. Take small portions and eat slowly. This helps your digestion.

3. Eat a generous quantity of sweet juicy fruits.

4. Minimise salty foods, which can cause swollen ankles.

5. Try for regular mealtimes, and minimize dining after dark (it makes digestion more difficult).

6. If your digestion is off-balance, take Herbal Di-Gest tablets. To balance stomach acid, take Aci-Balance.


Early nights will give you better sleep and a fresher start to the day. And they will help your digestive process.


The pleasant company of family, friends and chance acquaintances, the beauty of surroundings - traveling should be fun, even for business. Being relaxed and rested helps the flow of your enjoyment.

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Bryan Irving writes a monthly health newsletter for Maharishi Ayurveda Products in the UK.

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