If it is our aim to succeed in life then many qualities will be demanded of us. We must have not only courage and ability, but also intelligence and integrity to name just a few. To aspire to success you will also need to understand, either consciously or instinctively, the necessity of having a worthy goal and believing in its eventual realisation. And above all, to reach that goal you will need to have in your armoury one of the most valuable weapons you can possess, the power of determination. There are thousands of people around who have great talent and ability and yet because they lack the determination to strike out sadly achieve little. There are many well-educated and knowledgeable people, who, because of their lack of vision, will forever occupy lowly positions. They are, sadly, the losers in life who see the major successes going to those who are often less well equipped than they are. The determination to succeed is the factor that distinguishes people who are great achievers from those who are content to stand on the sidelines. Not satisfied even with doing their best, they are determined to go a step further to improve their best until they eventually reach the goals they have set.

The most serious and damaging aspect is not the failures or disappointments that you may encounter, but allowing these things to break your spirit. If that happens then you are defeated, and you will lose the will to attempt anything. To avoid this you should view these setbacks and obstacles as opportunities to shape your character, and your future success. Indeed, they may be the very thing you need to drive you on so that you may reveal your natural powers and capabilities. Determination cannot exist in an atmosphere of negativity with its thoughts of fear, vacillation and failure, and so we must cultivate the art of positive thinking. However, the task may not be an easy one, and it will call for constant vigilance on your part to ensure you do not slip back into the old negative ways. The point is to get the idea of living positively into the subconscious mind. Once you have adopted that attitude, you will live positively without thinking about it, and your life will change completely. Make no mistake about it one of the most powerful forces in the world is a well-developed positive attitude. Despite the fact that it is sneered at by some, who dismiss it as mumbo jumbo, positive thinking does work. It turns weakness into strength, it overcomes obstacles, and ultimately can make your life one of riches and fulfilment.

This is one of the golden rules of any undertaking, because impatience, the act of blindly surging forward without careful preparation, is the guaranteed way of making big mistakes. When a mistake is made it is quite often costly in terms of time and money, and it is very difficult to pick up the pieces, put them in order and start again. Also, mistakes create anger, and anger causes more mistakes, and so on, feeding on itself. For example, think of someone trying hard to assemble a coffee table. They can’t make sense of the instructions, their temper becomes frayed, and so impatience begins to rear its ugly head. In no time at all this person will probably become so out of control that they will pick the nearest and heaviest hammer and smash the unfortunate table to bits. So don’t be impatient. Consider carefully your goal, study the route you are taking, and know exactly where you are going. By doing this you will be well prepared for any obstacle that may arise. You will have in advance an alternative plan in place, or if necessary you will seek the valuable advice of someone who has been there before.


It is a sad fact that many people who have bright ideas and worthy goals never even make it to the first post. Some don’t even get off the ground at all. And why? Because, ever since the beginning of civilisation there have been the dream stealers, those who through either jealousy or misguided concern, attempt to shoot down in flames even the greatest of ideas. You can’t do that, they will say, it’s never been done before, and anyway you’re too old, or too young, or you’re not educated enough. Don’t let them get away with it! If it has never been done before maybe nobody has ever tried it, or maybe gone about it in the wrong way. Show the dream stealers, the doubters, and self appointed experts that you are made of strong stuff, that if anyone can do it, you can. Show them your determination, your tenacity, let them see clearly that you know what you want and how to get it, and that you are well on the way to achieving your dreams.

Well, you know about the dream stealers and pessimists now, but it is only fair to warn you that there will be many obstacles and challenges that you will have to overcome in your quest for success. The popular conception of a determined person is that of the jaw set firm, and the muscles flexed, tensed up and ready to leap into action. The truth is that real determination is quieter, more effective without any stress or tension - that merely burns up and wastes the body’s resources. Persistent determination needs an intelligent approach, for merely banging your head against an obstacle for hours on end will never make it disappear. You have to know the best way to overcome the problem with an informed and carefully thought out plan. No setback, no situation, however cruel and distressing is hopeless. While people refuse to be beaten then they are truly on their way to a better and more rewarding life. As we have said before it is not the best equipped, the richest, or even the cleverest person who succeeds in life. It is the person, who in the face of everything keeps on keeping on, for the person who has that powerful determination is the one who will ultimately win through.

The finest plan ever devised will come to nothing unless action is taken to make it a reality. To develop the habit of action it is essential that you are a self-starter. People with the action habit set to work at once and consequently they lead fuller, more satisfying and interesting lives. The action taker is the person who has the power within to get into action without the need for other people or outside pressure to drive them to it. Nothing is more demeaning than having somebody else compelling you to do a job, or making your decisions for you. Time spent regretting the past is time wasted, for that is now history and nothing on this earth can change it. We have to be forward looking, living now and preparing for the future, seizing the opportunities that will be opened up for us. Remember that without action there is no growth, and that goals or ideas have no value at all unless they are acted upon. Quickness of action, speed of decision, alertness of mind, will give you the best chance ever of achieving your fondest dreams.

Those who achieve great things have, without exception, two characteristics in common: A profound belief and confidence in their own potential, and an unbending determination that they will achieve their goals no matter what stands in their way. Without determination we will achieve nothing, and our talents will wither away in unfinished projects. When we have decided on a realistic and worthy goal, checked it out to see if the end product will benefit ourselves, and others, then take immediate action. When we exercise the massive power of our determination we will release within us unstoppable reserves of strength, and along the way will discover fresh ways of achieving our glorious dreams.


Author's Bio: 

Roy Burton was born in north London, and has travelled widely throughout Europe, being currently based on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom. He has been a lifelong student and advocate of self-improvement, and has always contended that the quality of our future is in our own hands. He welcomes comments and suggestions and can be contacted on rdbur8@aol.com.