What would be your answer if someone asked you what it is you want most from life? Your reply would probably be that you want to be successful. But how do become successful, and what does it mean? After all, there are many apparently successful people who have large houses, flashy cars, and millions in the bank, and yet are desperately unhappy. On the other hand there are those who have virtually nothing in the way of money or possessions, but whose only desire is the continued love of their family and friends. So success means different things to different people. There are many definitions of success, but briefly it is to live with integrity, being totally happy with what you have, living a fulfilled lifestyle, and being a respected and valued member of the community. Probably most of us at some time have hoped that one day we would be successful, but the interesting thing is that this need not be mere wishful thinking. Many of us live well below our potential, yet we possess capabilities and innate talents that once unleashed would enable us to achieve the riches and
happiness that we so ardently desire. Our destiny, or the measure of our success is entirely in our own hands, so here are several useful tools you can use that could take you from being a runner-up to putting you well on the road to realising your
fondest dreams.

Do a stock check on your life as it stands at this moment. The chances are that things are just jogging along, one uneventful day after another, with only the next pay cheque or holiday to look forward to. But you know, there is a better and worthwhile life to be had, and with the right goals and a positive attitude you can get a piece of the action. First of all we should understand that there are few things that eat away at our self-esteem more than being trapped in a job that we hate, or being in a relationship where love has died. Or just having that sinking feeling that we are heading nowhere, and the outlook seems empty and daunting. Well, the good news is that something can be done to put an end to this misery, that we can turn our lives around and make our future one of riches and fulfilment. There is within each and every one of us great powers that once utilised can bring us an amazing and rewarding change of life. Recognise that you do have the potential, you can do it, and above all you owe it to yourself to do it. So let’s get on our way!

Now, you wouldn’t be too pleased if you employed a builder to put up a house for you and he arrived without any plans, any blueprints, and without any idea what to do. Likewise, if we want to do something constructive with our lives, then we must have a good, clear plan. We must know what we want and how to get it. In other words we must have a goal. Goal setting is an art form in itself, and is undoubtedly one of the most important disciplines to acquire if you wish to achieve your dreams. So here are just a few ideas to make goal setting that much easier:

Goals should be attainable, and they must be your goals, not something that somebody else has decided for you. Struggling to reach goals others have set will bring nothing but stress and resentment.

Your goals should be committed to paper as the very act of writing them down gives them substance, and provides a constant visible reminder of what you are aiming for.

If you set a goal that later seems daunting, then break it down into smaller, more manageable segments. Each segment successfully completed brings increased confidence and enthusiasm.

Don’t wait for when the time is just right, or when conditions are ideal, for that is going to take a long time coming. Decide on what your goal is and then take immediate action. Waiting too long for that elusive ideal time is fatal. Any enthusiasm you had at the outset will just fade away.

Check your goals often to see how you are progressing. With virtually everything in life we have to continually adapt. Rules and conditions change and we have to change with them to stay in control of the situation.

Goals should not be too easy to attain because there will be no real challenge, and consequently no meaningful result. Nor should they be too difficult as that will create unnecessary problems, and possibly cause you to give up altogether.

Prioritise your goals putting the most important ones first, even if they are the most difficult.

This list is by no means complete, but it serves to emphasise the importance of having good goals and acting upon them. Without goals to guide you along the way you will be out of control and completely at the mercy of circumstances, like a rudderless ship floundering around in the middle of the sea.

Very few things in life come to us without some effort on our part. Usually, if we really want something, like a good job, nice house, a big car, whatever it is, we have to work hard to get it. This is where attitude comes into the picture, because if you approach life with a bad or negative attitude, no matter how hard you work, you will get nothing for your troubles except unhappiness and isolation. But on the other hand, if you meet people and situations in a friendly and determined state of mind then you are almost certain to succeed. Having a success attitude does not mean trampling people underfoot to get what you want. By doing this you may get acquire many material things, but you will never be a success in the true sense of the word. It is worth remembering that our goals, our lives, our happiness, and our success always involves others for after all we could not achieve these things without the help of those around us. If we help others, and show compassion and love when needed, then this will all, in due course, be returned to us manifold. Living with an attitude like this, of love, friendliness, and willingness to help, is truly the mark of a winner.

We can set all the great goals, devise all the great plans, and make all the preparations that we can, but at the end of the day we will get nowhere, achieve nothing, unless we take action. Action, and that means immediate action, is vital if we are to make our dreams a reality. There are those who fear failure in some venture, and so they don’t take action. They will invent excuses why they don’t take that important step forward. They say they are not quite ready, they are always unlucky, they are sure something will go wrong, in fact they will come up with literally anything rather than take action. Then there are those who actually fear success. They wonder if they will be able to keep up to the same standard, or feel inferior working with people at a higher level. These people all have in common a belief in their goals, but they lack that vital belief in themselves. Excuses, excuses – they are responsible for more failures and heartbreak than virtually anything else in life. The certain way of overcoming fear of something is to just go ahead and do it! Refuse to hesitate or worry about it, determine to be a self-starter, and very soon those worries and fears will have vanished. By taking immediate action you could literally be taking the first step towards a new and exciting life.

Once you have set your goals, considered carefully where you are going, and taken action, you are starting out on a journey of a lifetime. You will be embarking on a new experience that will be nothing short of amazing. Dump all those critics and doubters and travel the highway to success with the positive thinkers. Of course there will be obstacles, delays and the like, but these will merely help to mould your character, and with your self-belief and determination you will know there is nothing going to stop you from reaching those goals. Remember that no one achieves more than they set out to achieve, so get excited about life, aim high, and have the courage to take the hardest step of all by taking that giant leap of faith towards a successful and rewarding future.

Success to you all


Author's Bio: 

Roy Burton was born in north London, and has travelled widely throughout Europe, being currently based on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom. He has been a lifelong student and advocate of self-improvement, and has always contended that the quality of our future is in our own hands. He welcomes comments and suggestions and can be contacted on rdbur8@aol.com