Baby acne is a very common condition among newborn babies. Baby acne can be present at the time of birth or may usually develop within 2 to 4 weeks after birth. Baby acne is a result of the hormonal changes in the body as these changes stimulate the oil glands in the baby’s skin.

Baby acne, as with all medical conditions, has some common symptoms. Usually the acne first appears to be a rash with small pimples that are red in appearance. Sometimes, whiteheads can actually be seen. The pimples will tend to show up more when the baby is upset or overheated and at times they may even seem as though they are not there at all. Baby cane will clear up with time and are not something that young mothers should be overly concerned about.

Baby acne is primarily caused by fetal hormones, such as adrenal androgens, that are passed through the placenta prior to birth. Drugs, taken by the nursing mum or by the baby, can also trigger baby acne. The most common ones include: Steroids (oral or topical), anti-depressant medicines and occasionally oral contraceptives.

What causes baby acne?

There are several factors that can cause acne on the skin of the baby.

* As with adolescent acne, the condition can be caused by a skin irritation
* Medicines can causes baby acne as well
* It’s possible that mineral oil or petroleum can cause baby acne.

Bad Nutrition

Since your baby cannot pick up bad eating habits at this early age, infantile acne due to bad nutrition is very rare. Bad nutrition can be the cause of infantile acne if parents are not attentive toward their babies’ diet.

Does Baby Acne Hurt? More often than not, you will be more affected by your baby's acne than she is. Baby acne does not itch, sting, or hurt in any way. And she is too young to notice her unsightly appearance. So it is more likely that baby acne will bother you, than your baby. However, with severe cases of baby acne, the blemishes may become so swollen and inflamed that they cause or add to your baby's fussiness. See your health care provider if you think your baby's acne is causing her aggravation.


Baby acne usually goes away by itself. It is sufficient in most cases to do some gentle facial cleansing once or at most twice a day using a mild baby cleanser and clean water. Do not scrub baby’s face, this will not help and may be counterproductive. Don’t apply lotions or potions or oils. Don’t look for fancy baby acne remedies, don’t try applying vinegar solution for baby acne as some do

Unless baby's acne is being caused by an underlying condition, there is really no need to treat it. It doesn't harm your baby and is purely a cosmetic issue. Gently wash your baby's face with plain water once or twice per day, and don't scrub. Cleansing that is too frequent or too vigorous will irritate your baby's skin.


• Child should not sleep on dirty pillows.
• Drink fresh fruits juices and large amount of water.
• Do not squeeze, dig, touch or pick the acne.
• Use paper towels to pat the affected area dry and throw it away.

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