Baby Boomer who focus on their God-given purpose live longer than those who don’t. This is not very surprising. Everyone has seen someone slide into depression and isolation because their purpose in life – the thing that gives his/her life meaning – suddenly vanishes for some reason. This does not need to happen to baby boomers when they retire!

Many people define their life purpose in terms of their career, especially if they understand it as something of a calling. Many others define their sense of purpose in terms of their family – a strong marriage and raising healthy, happy children. Despite all of the humor that surrounds the idea of a mid-life crisis, many people do experience a crisis at mid-life. And the reason for the crisis is often either that they no longer need to focus on the same things. Whether it is the person who has devoted a life to a career and suddenly awakens to the thought that there must be more in life or that the career really doesn’t bring any sense of fulfillment to life, or it is the person who suddenly recognizes a large void in life because the children are grown and gone and the marriage is different, life changes and our sense of purpose and meaning changes.

While I firmly believe more baby boomers have centered their careers around their sense of purpose than did their parents, retirement brings a significant lifestyle change. Those who followed their purpose in their careers will suddenly need to find new ways to fulfill their purpose. Those whose careers were not tied to their sense of purpose need to awaken their life purpose and pursue it in order to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

When you discover or awaken your purpose in life, you discover new meaning in everything you do. You might want to think of the various aspects of your life – marriage, family, friends, fun, finances, or work – as points on a circle. The center of the circle should be your life purpose. When purpose is the center of your life and the center of your focus, purpose reaches into all of the other aspects of your life like the spokes on a wheel. When everything is connected in this way, life runs smoother and feels safer, more secure, and more stable. This centeredness in life brings peace of mind and fulfillment and satisfaction. It brings happiness.

When you awaken and live your inherent purpose in life, you are centered and focused and you are able to do less and achieve more. Focus allows you to concentrate your energy and your time on what is most important in your life. Understanding and living your life purpose also defines your values and your actions. Purpose makes it easier to make decisions about what you will or will not do.

So, baby boomers, if you awaken your life purpose you will live longer and live better in the second phase of life. Discover your God-given purpose and discover a life of inner peace, direction, and passion.

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