Babies and Baby toys seem inseparable in the mind’s eye. One can never think of a Baby in isolation. The thought of one leads to the other. Toys are an intrinsic part of a Baby’s development and though babies respond to everything that surrounds them in a natural way, a lot of research by child psychologists and Child Development Specialists has led to the introduction of distinct Baby Development Toys which contribute to the gradual acclimatization of a baby to its natural surroundings. These toys enable a healthy developmental environment for the little tots who are just opening their eyes to a new world in a new habitat in the midst of new sounds and textures, new sights and feels.

The fact is that the baby begins to learn soon after it is born. No doubt the new born is traumatized by the very fact that it is removed from the very comfortable, snug, and cozy environs of the mother’s womb. Being out of it is for the baby, almost like being thrown to the wolves. But the child learns to recognize the comfort of touch, of the hands that care for him, of the loving sounds that soothe him.

When the baby is about three to four months old, making it lie on the back on an activity gym with toys hanging overhead, and watching what follows is a treat for sore eyes. Gradually, the movements of the baby will change from being random to being controlled as the tot will soon establish a connection between its movements and the result it is able to evince from its movements. Thus, the baby would have succeeded in developing a connection between action and response with the help of a toy which becomes the ground for learning more.

Even when lying in the special bath tub, the baby is subconsciously reacting to the interplay between the water and its body, the floating bath toys and the ripple effect of its movements.

Once the baby is six months old it is well able to enjoy and learn from activity center which has various toys of different textures making different sounds, each different from the other. While one has a handle to be pulled the other has a button to be pressed while a third just has to be pushed to the side. The baby is all the time learning merely by observation. It is learning and clocking the result of each action and before we know it, it is gurgling in anticipation of the results of its actions.

It is thus that Developmental Toys are introduced after very close and in depth studies of Baby behavior in consultation with child psychologists and health officers and there is a constant effort to break fresh ground in order to enhance and nurture the development of babies.

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