There have been so many books and articles written about the office culture - topics like ‘how to stay productive at work’, ‘how to be your own boss’, and ‘stress management’ are three of the more common topics that traditionally pop up. Another topics that is being addressed as well is the whole concept of office culture. In the same way that a school has an academic curriculum and a hidden curriculum that defines the environment, student interactions and the psyche, an office also possesses a corporate culture that is defined not by an employee’s handbook but by the habits formed during office interactions. From small things such as answering the phone to bigger things like rapport between colleagues and superiors, and even the physical working environment contribute to this.

Contrary to the belief that one should leave all personal baggage behind the office door and pick them up after work hours, the economics of human interaction in the office is so varied and unpredictable that personal problems can and will affect your productivity.

Creating that perfect office environment has its physical as well as emotional requirements. It takes more than just littering a room with flowers and expecting that everything will be okay. Although that helps too: it has been proven that a bit of greenery in the office helps the mind relax. Which is why many modern offices set aside space for flowers and plants, have large windows for viewing the scenic panorama. More important than the physical atmosphere is the general atmosphere developed through the rapport of colleagues.

A balance between working and living draws a very thin line. In truth, your colleagues at work can very well be your second family because next to your home, these are the people you spend the most time with. Discussing problems with friends at work not only de-stresses but also helps build an environment of rapport and trust. There is nothing wrong with showing that you care in times of need. A friendly gesture of a free lunch, flowers or small tokens are definitely appreciated.

Employees want to feel that they are accepted and valued. They want to be well compensated. They want to know that they are safe at work. They want to feel that they are growing professionally. And when they’re burned out, they need time to recuperate - even within the office. This way, staying in the office can be more natural and enjoyable.

So in effect, apart from their usual work delivery, employees need time to stop and smell the flowers in the office space. To get the most out of your employees, sometimes you need to make them work less and enjoy more.

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