What makes a professional basketball player different from you? Ever wondered how they make fewer mistakes under pressure and in money-time? The answer is experience and game intelligence. Do you need to practice for years in order to get that “experience” and “game intelligence”? Not necessarily - this article reveals a different way…
Professional players are able to perform their great basketball moves under intense pressure and in money-time situations thanks to their ability to read the court quickly, understand tactics, predict situations before they happen and make the right decisions in fractions of seconds.

So How Can One Achieve these Great Basketball Moves?

One way is to watch games, as many as you can. But, and here comes the important part, watch the games as a player, not as a fan. Many players make this mistake. They watch games, but they only care about who wins, who scores the most or makes the most amazing dunks.
Another way (Tested successfully on several college basketball programs) claims to skyrocket your game intelligence and basketball moves based on a unique technology called cognitive brain training. This technology trains the brain skills required of a basketball player by stimulating his or her cognitive (learning) brain functions.

It is reported that prior to using this technology, four Division I teams made it to the NCAA championships and after using it, eleven of the same division made it to the NCAA. Basketball players reported to improve their shots, decisions making, peripheral vision and pattern recognition in 22%-28%.

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