Professional basketball isn't only about who runs faster or jumps higher, it is about making the right decisions on court based on the player’s game intelligence skills. An innovative technology claims to skyrocket the player’s basketball techniques and game intelligence by developing his or her brain-skills.

Acquiring superior basketball techniques requires at least some basic natural born talent and a daily hard work on court and lots of it! No matter how hard you practice, how good you memorize drills, moves and work on your techniques, it all comes to the point where you need to execute it all on court, under intense pressure with minimum court time.

Basketball dribbling, shooting, moving on court while “reading” the game and executing it all precisely and effectively, is about a player’s brain-skills and game intelligence.

A team of cognitive “brain-training” scientists claim to have identified the brain-functions responsible for those skills; together with a team of leading basketball coaches they developed a unique software system that enables any basketball player, at any level, to dramatically improve his or her basketball techniques and game intelligence.

Basketball Coaching Video Game

The system was designed to feel and look like a video game, while the player is shooting spaceships and chasing the “bad guys”, it stimulates the exact brain functions required of a basketball player on court, the system analyzes the player’s performance, it spots weak points or setbacks, finally customizing a training program, tailor-made to fit that individual player.

After 6-8 weeks of “brain-training”, the player unconsciously and surprisingly executes much better on court in the areas of: decision making under pressure, improved shot selection, enhanced movement anticipation, heightened court sense and pattern recognition.

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