NBA’s best shooter ever is Reggie Miller; his off the Screen shots were so deadly, that other players could only dream of shooting at that level. His speed and shooting percentage Off the Screen frustrated many teams and players.

Before we continue, answer the following questions:

(1) How fast you take your shot?
(2) Can you get a clear view of the rim before you shoot?
(3) Can you make the shot off the screen?

Basketball tips on how to Master Off the Screen Shots?

(1) When you go by the screener, catch his jersey. This way your defender has no alternative but to trail you or to try cutting the passing lane.
(2) Run as fast as you can, don't worry about setting your legs. If you run slowly it doesn't matter if you can set your legs. You won't be open.
(3) Watch your defender. If you have gained a distance because you run faster, take the shot. If he is behind you, curl.
(4) If your defender tries to cut the passing lane, jump to the corner. You'll be wide open.
(5) Work on your release and foot work. The faster you can release the ball the more dangerous you'll become.

The most important advice on Off the Screen shots is to practice. Remember that no one was born taking shots off screens. Start practicing by yourself, throw the ball to the wing, set your legs and take the shot.

Repeat the following drill and each time repeat it faster. When you feel comfortable enough with the results, ask a friend to trail you, gradually you will get it right, and once you are there you will add an important weapon to your basketball arsenal.

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