Posting-up makes many guards feel uncomfortable. It’s the territory of the big-man where many guards avoid breaking in. They feel that if they are not at least 6’6 then it is better to stay away from the paint, but what if you are 6’1 and a 5’10 player is guarding you? – You can use that advantage in your favor.

Before we continue any further, ask yourself the following questions:

(1) Am I able to score from the post?

(2) Am I skilled enough to take advantage of my body?

Remember that smart guards are able to use the post in order to score more and create excellent shooting situations for themselves and for their teams. There is no need to be a 6'10 player in order to post up; having one/two inches above your defender together with smart decision making skills can significantly help you achieve your goals.

The following smart basketball tips will help you on that:

(1) Practice the "turn around" jump shot – If it worked for MJ why shouldn’t it work for you?

(2) On situations where you cut to the basket and you are almost under the rim, fake and come back to the ball. That way, your defender is not focusing on stopping you from posting up, it's easy to catch the ball this way.

(3) Practice the Up & Under move - very powerful weapon as a post player. It is difficult to guard and amazingly effective. If you are stronger than your defender, he has only 2 choices: let you score or foul you. Stopping you is not an option!

(4) Well, unlike big-men who usually won't pass the ball, in a situation when 2 guards play one-on-one on the post, one of the big-men will help you out. Someone should be open, so look for the open man.

(5) Patience - Be patient when you get the ball on the post. Unlike the big guys you have the option to dribble yourself out of a bad situation.

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