Businesspeople of the world, now is the time. Your tried-and-true ways of getting things done are running out of gas; they no longer provide the outcomes you seek. Because your old ways of behaving sometimes appear to work, you think they will work forever. Unhappily, that is just an illusion; it is likely that if they still work at all, it is only for the near term.

Consider this: extraordinary accomplishments begin with extraordinary ideas and find their realization in extraordinary actions. Think about that one word for a minute: extraordinary. Break it into its roots and it says extra ordinary. Not extra in the sense of “more than,” but rather from the Latin extra, which means “beyond, outside, superior to” the ordinary. That’s what we mean by unreasonable.

Read through the following principles carefully and deeply, perhaps more than once. Use them to find your new truths. Being unreasonable means achieving the extraordinary by doing things that are unexpected, unpredicted, and beyond what normal people consider normal.

Being unreasonable requires rejecting compromises. Compromises force you to sacrifice what truly matters in exchange for efficiency and expediency. They are insubstantial things that exist because of a belief in a false context. Change the context and the compromise dissolves.

Don’t wait to play the high cards in your hand. Being unreasonable is about giving your best in every single situation in which your best is called for. It is about asking for excellence in people because it is in everyone’s interests. People hold on to their aces, waiting for the right time to use them. Don’t hold back. Play your best cards.

Do more than you are asked for. Most people don’t ask for what they truly need, and therefore they don’t get it from you. Ask people for more than others usually do; you will shock them into action beyond what they thought themselves capable of doing.

Act on the possibility of things. Being unreasonable is about acting on the possibility of great things without worrying about the probability of success. This increases the probability of success dramatically, ensuring that things that are possible become real. Make the improbable happen by bringing attention and resources to those things that lie beyond the norm—beyond the expected—but that can change your world.

Consider why normal is normal. Ask how normal things became that way. Is it because they were effective, or is it because they were easy? Being unreasonable is not about being abnormal, paranormal, or transnormal—it is about looking beneath and
behind the normal so that you can see how it got that way, and once you understand why that normal is considered normal, acting to create the results you seek without regard to what normal people think.

You know what you should be doing. So do it. You don’t need more gurus and pundits to tell you what to do. You have already taken it all into consideration, and though it may seem unreasonable, you already know what to do. Take action.

Think whatever thoughts. Reasonable thinking is the silent editor, the censor who disapproves of and redacts your errant thoughts. Think whatever thoughts arise and follow them to their best conclusions. Often the most transformative ideas come spontaneously and unbidden. Then, reasonable thinking kills them.

Don’t let it do that.

Don’t base your life on what’s likely. If you have been paying attention to the world, what you now consider likely is already incorporated into your business activity. It is probably also incorporated into your competition’s. Search your world—internally and externally—and find the promise of the possible. Expect the best. Unreasonable as it seems, expect the best from those around you. Expect them to be successful. Count on it. Plan for it. Budget for it. Expecting the best gives you the highest likelihood of getting it. Start with the optimal scenario and truly grasp how to ensure that it happens. Expecting the worst has a similar, but opposite, effect.

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