Many people are still skeptical about the Power of Imagination and the application of Universal Laws. If you are one of them, the following ideas may not be for you. But if you have experienced things that aren’t easily explained or have a sense that it is your spiritual birthright to be happy, healthy, well balanced, confident, wealthy and capable of expressing the fullness of life -- read on.

Over thirty years ago I was searching for a way out of my pain over the loss of my father and I found myself in LA. I was introduced to a remarkable woman who shared ideas with me that lifted me out of grief and sorrow. She explained to me that my consciousness and feelings are the keys to a creative and wonderful life. She went on to say that I didn't have to be enslaved to fear, anger or my environment because I was a spiritual being. Within me, were powers that if awakened would free me from "appearances and negative conditions." I sat in her home captivated for hours by the ideas she expressed.

"What you are conscious of exists now as your reality!”

It wasn’t until I took an acting class that I put two and two together. I realized that there is a relationship between my dominant thoughts, feelings, part I play with others and my personal experience. My personal world was simply a mirror. It was reflecting the contents of my deeper mind back to me.


Later on it dawned on me. My success and happiness depended upon my imagination, vibration (emotional moods) and proper use of all of the Universal Laws of Life. The idea that I had untapped powers, (a treasure house within me) inspired my heart and soul. I had found the key that would allow me to rise up out of my past and help me transcend my environment. My desire to grow and expand my awareness and Know Myself rooted in my subjective mind. I wanted to plant new ideas because I knew that in time they would emerge as a new result.

Do you ever wonder why the media feeds us crisis after crisis? I took a moment and looked up the word crisis.

Cri•sis – Pronunciation: 'krî-s&s
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from Greek krisis, literally, decision, from krinein to decide -- 1 : the turning point for better or worse 2 : the decisive moment
3 a : a crucial time in which a decisive change is impending

• Did you ever notice how many sensational stories dominate the news and as soon as one story runs its course another pops up?
• Did you ever consider how these stories leave you stressing and obsessing?

The Decisive Moment!

With all the negative financial talk about bail-outs, rescues, and higher taxes many people are sensing a meltdown. “Investors are suffering from a downward spiraling into fear”. But if you will take time to think right, you will realize a meltdown is nothing more than an old thought pattern being dissolved. They are always followed by breakthroughs and new results IF you will hold to the fulfillment of your dream. It is up to you to decide to put thoughts of poverty fueled from fear behind you as you advance through the storm.

The Turning Point

Now is the time to begin working with energy in the form of ideas. A study of economic health is vastly more important than a study of shot-gun bank mergers, credit crisis and rising unemployment. If you want to experience financial security in your life it is wise to surround yourself with those things that support feeling prosperous. Most of us do just the opposite.

Your feelings are worth a fortune!

Until we understand the language of our feelings we will continue to ascribe our emotional moods to events taking place in the world, rather than face up to the truth that world events reflect the dominant mass mind consciousness.

Is there a solution? Yes!

The greatest secret in the whole wide world is that Infinite Intelligence is within you. The answer to every challenge is locked within your mind. Regardless of today’s headlines and media buzz regarding banks, credit card debt, financial problems, and crisis, you can seize the moment, turn within to the treasure house of infinity, and begin to perceive your financial world anew.
How do you lift yourself up by the bootstraps to change your current mindset? You turn within to the workshop of your imagination and activate your thinking! Why - because nothing is attracted to you from without. People, situations and things come to you from within, even money.
Ask Yourself:
If all things come from within the depths of consciousness and they are projected from our beliefs and images (mental blueprints) and fueled from our feelings, where is the "crisis" coming from?
What is keeping it alive? What can solve it?
All problems, challenges and obstacles simply reflect the absence of the answer. If every physical effect has an imaginal cause then the first step to recovery is for you to stop accepting the crisis as real.
Are you tired of chasing after money?
• Do you want money to come to you from doing work that you love?
• Do you have a desire to seize control of your finances and your future?

If you answered yes, I cannot emphasize the importance of studying how to “dream your finances into being” and get rich. It takes time and effort to bridge the spiritual view with financial needs. When you are worried and fearful about money you are distracted from your dream and incapable of living your life to the fullest.
How do you get started?
• By seeking happiness in all situations and changing your thinking about yourself.
• Reach for the security within. Invest in your peace of mind, uplift your awareness, and you will vibrationally attune yourself to the treasure house of abundance.
• Build a new money blueprint. Focus on your own personal, financial solution and in time you will move into a harmonious, balanced state of mind.
• Breathe deeply until you understand that your dreams and desires matter. Relax and you will discover what physical actions are right for you. The Universe always responds to your dominant thoughts. Know this and relief is on the way, and hopefully bliss.
To the degree that you can rise up in awareness and identify yourself with a new financial blueprint and align with the "controlling forces of the universe", you will prove the Imaginal Dynamic in the situations and financial results that make up your experiences.
Remember: Your thoughts, mental blueprints and feelings about money, wealth and riches control your destiny!
The “ways and the means” money shows up in your life is not the cause of money – it is simply the avenue. The Infinite Within never fails to express our beliefs. It has limitless “ways and means” to open doors to financial security, and bring money, peace, well being -- or whatever you need -- to you.
You are always creating, morning, noon and night! Because you are powerful, you must take imaging seriously
Consciousness in action is imagination in action!
Remember that your feelings can link you to a world where all things are possible once you know How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money and Discover the Power of Imagination.
Consciousness in action is imagination in action!
Never close a door on a dream – your dreams are calling you!
Melissa ZolloSelf-Growths Imagination Guide.

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