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”No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I tire of reading of quick fix solutions that address mastery, and I wonder why we are still trying to achieve mastery when we live in an environment of consistent change, challenge and competition that we cannot possible master.

We cannot master control of our environment, we cannot accurately forecast trends; but, we can create a foundation of empowerment, flexibility, communication and collaboration that evokes greater happiness, success and satisfaction in our lives and our work. Happiness that helps us engage the passion, purpose and potential we need to live better, lead better and succeed better at the speed of change.

Thomas Jefferson spoke to the inalienable right to happiness in the American Declaration of Independence. A right cannot be found in greed, need or ego, but rather in the value that we create in our lives and in the lives of others when we express our purpose, passion and potential. A right that is inalienable because, without our ability to seek and achieve happiness we are left in a vortex of discontent. Mr. Jefferson realized the importance of happiness, something that we in our century of technological wonder and advancement seem to have forgotten.

Today, we live and work faster than ever before, we have more material possessions than ever before, we each have greater potential to effect positive change through the global village we have created…and yet, the fruits of our labor, the rewards that we reap often seem lost amid a haze of broken dreams, promises or unrequited needs.

Millions of dollars are made from a popular culture that promotes negativity and fear. The residue of our individual and collective discontent has become a mechanism for financial gain, but it has also become a contagion of disempowerment and negativity that is extinguishing the fire of human passion and potential by leaving most of us feeling that there is something missing from our lives, our workplaces and our world. At a time in human history when each individual citizen has more power than ever before, our sense of empowerment is eroded by something intangible that we cannot judge, quantify or qualify. Something that has usurped our passion, destroyed our dreams, eroded our potential and is killing our happiness.

The crisis of discontent punctuates the lives of North America and Western Europe and is destroying a bit more of the fabric of our lives, our workplaces and our world every day, every way. We live in an abyss of unhappiness that is mired in the unremitting need, greed and ego, and our abyss of unhappiness is spinning out of control right in our own backyards.

We are living in a crisis of doubt. Doubt that simmers and attacks our sense of happiness because we have forced ourselves to turn a blind eye to what matters in order to pursue that which does not. Doubt that lurks behind the façade of strength. Doubt that lurks behind the illusion of power. Doubt that sits behind the quest for mastery that we dance to every day. Doubt that festers and grows as we drive through neighborhoods that are devoid of community, and live lives that lack a centerpiece of human caring and sharing.

Doubt that continues to fester because the personal and work lives we have created have stripped too many of us of the fire that lights our heads and our hearts. The fire of community, the passion of contribution, the purpose of feeling part of a greater whole that is moving forward and evolving together towards a better future.

And while the problems that we see are daunting. The solution to the complexity we have created lies not in vain attempts to master the unmasterable, but in the simplicity that speaks loudly and boldly to us if we are read to hear the message.

Long ago, Betsy Ross wrote to Thomas Jefferson speaking of the very difficult times in which they lived and the need for great leadership. The difficult times that Ms. Ross lived in and the courage of men who dared to stand up for the vision, values and passion created the foundation for a great nation.

Today, we live in difficult times that require an infusion simple, purposeful, personal leadership to fill the void of traditional leadership that is conspicuous in its absence. We need an infusion of human goodness in our lives, our workplaces and our world that has to start with men and women of courage embracing their individual and collective power to become personal leaders by deciding not to be victims of the collective culture of fear, doubt and negativity, but victors who use the changes and challenges we face to enshrine the human vision, values and potential that can help us express our ability to build better lives, do better business and contribute to a better world at the speed of change.

At Just Coach It we are dedicated to helping men and women discover the power that is born of accepting that while we cannot master our environment, but we can rediscover our potential to use the changes, challenges and crucibles we face in our personal and professional environment to reawaken passion, purpose, potential and happiness in our lives and our work.

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Irene Becker is the President of Just Coach It, a professional coaching consultancy that specializes in helping executives and professionals use the changes, challenges and crucibles they face in life and in business to increase what is known to be one of the most important personal and professional success factors today, emotional intelligence