The Alpha Male is the leader of the flock, the man who gets the largest slice of the pie. Step back and imagine what it would be like to become the alpha male.

There's a secret: Positive Self Imaging.

Positive Self-Imaging is a holistic technique to catapult you to your destination. The method of mental bimaging gives you an internal map to your sunconscious and conscious behaviors. As you mentally focus on where it is you want to go, and you're determined to reaching your destination, your actions often follow. Literally, your actions spring from your mental images. Precisely, you usually won't move if you haven't already visualized yourself mentally rehearsing the outcome. How you visually represent yourself, in any given situation, is what you transform into, and how you will act. When you solidify your images in a constructive way, positive things happen. Focusing on creating uplifting, pleasurable changes in your life buoys you with uplifting sensations of self-confidence and self-determination.

Picture yourself meandering down a path across a meadow and coming to a barbed-wire fence. If you consider the fence as an impregnable barrier toward completing your goal, then the wall will remain. When you see the fence as having an archway in it, or when you find a way of going over, around or through it, then the barrier is merely one more hindrance to overcome. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a challenge worth your time as an alpha male.

When you yield too much control to any obstacle, or entity, you automatically lower yourself into a no-win situation. One way to leap this no-win quandary is to change the rules. See the situation as an opportunity, to flex your imagination - your mind. When the situation is no longer challenging or healthy, and you're using an exceeding amount of energy with few positive results, select a new outcome where there will be new challenges and opportunities. There is little reason to set yourself up for failure or punishment. Deciding to create positive convictions and expectations about yourself goads the actions you take. Positive actions easily transforms you into the leader- the Alpha Male.

You can shift negative situation by tweaking your regualr responses to challenges and giving careful thought to your long-term goals. An outcome to accomplish a degree from a four-year college within six years is not unrealistic. Never expect to do it in two and set yourself up for disappointment. Choose a map you can realistically commit to. Emotional, physical, and mental plateaus, valleys and peaks are regular experiences on the road to triumph. Focusing on your life progress and recalling where you started creates determination and courage. Improving yourself, and your life, requires concentration and self-discipline. Appreciate the journey. When you apply yourself, you will make your life magic! Then you become the Alpha MAle

As you build faith in yourself, you feel capable of bolstering yourself and colleagues, professionally and socially. Your mindset and self esteem fly new heights. Lofty self esteem and a soaring self-image allow you surmount problems that may otherwise overcome you. Belief in yourself will readily result in having others believe in you. When you seize a direction, and realize where you are going, you will maximize your ability to perform a particular task. When you have social and emotional support from others, you're more hopeful and suffer less turmoil. Finally you also develop an amazing ability to cope with the detrimental effects of negative or condemning statements from others. Hope and self-esteem are the medicine that transforms a negative self-image into a positive one. And it's Rx for those who want to become Alpha Male.

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