Being You!....Back To The Basics

Everything we experience is a projection of our inner being.

Relationships, finances, physical and emotional symptoms, are all too familiar…
And often, we wonder why they continue to appear?


So…say this:
“I Choose To Know Divine Love, and Embrace My Unique Human Presence!”

Imagine and Remember…Our basic program is to survive.

How do we accomplish this?

By recreating the past, our minds gravitate towards what is familiar…
Re-experiencing stressful emotions, thoughts and past traumas,
In reality, have no relevance to our true potential.

And what is our true potential?

To Experience Divine Love, and to Love Others Unconditionally!

The rest will dissipate, once we know this simple and profound truth.

Could it be that easy?


Because all we are doing, is re-creating an illusion of a former reality.
So, how about embracing our true nature,
without being influenced by the lives of famous celebrities,
Or feeling like our lives need to be a perfect TV commercial?

Humor Section:

~I Can’t Get No Satisfaction ~
“Because of how white, my shirts should be”

Don’t you think it’s funny how they call skin enhancement…“Make-Up?”

And men, in a “midlife crisis” need to buy a new Corvette?

Now, the TV show Seinfeld is a different story.
Neurotic George, Crazy Kramer, Overemotional Elaine
And the “all-too-normal” Jerry!
They make a career about the joy of dysfunction,
In a show about nothing!

Some of you already know,
I personally got on a comedy stage years ago,
And fought my way out of a giant paper bag!
Because, when I was little I was told I could never do it!
So I Did It!

Sometimes, we just have to step outside the box…
So, laugh at all this nonsense,

If we didn’t take everything so seriously
We Could Laugh, So Much More!!

Be Yourself!

Products and Commercials have nothing to do with who we are,
and the importance of our presence in this world!

Remember, until you forget again.
In a split second, our subconscious mind
Relives what is already known, many events we were sure, we would forget!

The subconscious mind remains reluctant,
To transform to into a lasting state of Love, Faith and Hope!

So What Do We Do?

Make The Choice!
Start Again…
Believe in the simplicity of Love!

Allow yourself to begin again now!

You might be surprised…

It could be as simple as erasing a chalkboard,
And drawing a new picture!

So…say this:
“I Choose To Know Divine Love,
and Embrace My Unique Human Presence!”

Blessing You,
And supporting transformation,
In Each Moment,

Steven L. Mayber

Author's Bio: 

Steven has over 30 years experience in healing, martial arts and personal empowerment.
Areas of expertise include: Touch for Health, Zero Balancing,
NAET Allergy Elimination and Emotional Freedom Techniques.
He specializes in Long-Distance Healing,
and has advanced training in resolving past trauma.
A deep understanding of mind and body relationships,
Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
An expert in accessing the body’s innate wisdom.
He has facillitated several hundred lectures and classes,
And appeared on cable television, and radio interviews.



Office: 847-275-2932