Everyone has unlimited potential, but they seem to hold themselves back from their greatness. They get distracted, talk themselves out of their dreams as if they were unattainable anyway and ultimately feel unsatisfied. It is a tragic cycle of dreaming, getting disappointed and giving up. Most of the time, people stay stuck in the giving up and resort to complaining about their life, their body or their romantic situation instead of doing anything to change it. So, what stops you from being your best?

The subconscious likes to keep consistent patterns and resists change because it is afraid of the unknown. That is why people avoid starting new things because they are scary. Ancient survival instincts kick in, and the mind chatter finds a way to talk you out of anything different than the status quo. Certain people may have also been conditioned against change if they needed to keep a sense of order and predictability to survive in an abusive household. Some have had devastating failures that keep them from trying again. Everyone has something that holds them back whether it is fear of change or failure. They key is to find out what stops you, so you can overcome the barriers and create the life you truly desire.

First, think of a time when you had a big dream and gave up. Journal about the conditions of that place in your life, and describe how you felt about it. What story were you telling yourself about why you should stop pursuing the dream? Was it because you did not feel qualified (not good enough), or because you felt that there was a lack of support either financially or emotionally from those around you? Now looking back, review the idea and ask yourself if you absolutely believed that was true or was it just a story you told yourself.

People make up stories and rationalize about why they can’t lose weight, find a man or be successful because they have an unconscious desire to stay in their comfort zone. Let’s face it, a little work is required to accomplish anything extraordinary. The reason most people do not succeed is because they are too lazy to be pushed out, stretched and tested to gain something more in life. In order to put ourselves in a position of being “uncomfortable,” we need a good reason, or to become so uncomfortable in our current environment to push ourselves to make a change.

Now think of your big dream. Does it make you feel excited or scared? Could you live your life knowing that you never reached that dream? What stops you from taking action? Write down a list of all the justifications and reasons why you have not taken the steps required to pursue your goal. Then, write down all the reasons you should pursue the dream. To get motivated, your reasons to move forward must be stronger than the rationale to stay put. Self-hypnosis is also a great way to reprogram the subconscious mind to support the positive reasons for change.

Wallace Wattles, the author of “The Science of Getting Rich” (the book that Rhonda Byrne read to inspire her to do the movie, The Secret), says you are either thinking with your limited mind or the creative mind. Each time you give up and say it can’t be done, you are operating with your limited mind. When you open your mind up to all possibilities, you start using the creative mind. The creative mind is where miracles happen.

Here’s how to start that process. Look at your list of reasons that you cannot reach your goal again. Analyze it very carefully and come up with creative ideas that can override those excuses. For example, if one of your justifications is that you do not have the money, think of all the creative ways that you can attract the money you need (even if you think they are impossible). Just writing down how you can overcome those obstacles can attract new opportunities to you according to the law of attraction. This process helps you state intentions to what you want to draw into your life and you will be amazed at how easily things manifest for you.

Do not look at your life only through your current circumstances. Be open to the unseen forces that are working to bring you new resources. The reason most people give up is because they only notice what is, instead of what could be. If everyone thought that way, we would never have learned how to walk, discover a new world or get to the moon. The only thing that is stopping you from being your greatest self is you.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Berndt, CHT has been in the healing arts since 2000 working with clients on emotional, physical and spiritual issues. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (Cert. #104-078) and a member of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. In addition to hypnosis, she has been trained in NLP, Massage Therapy, Healing Touch, Energetic Healing and Reconnective Healing™. Before becoming a hypnotherapist, Berndt spent 15 years in the field of marketing and promotions in television, radio and internet start-ups. She is a dating expert.

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