What is viral marketing? What is so special about it? Are there benefits that you can get by applying it as one of your marketing strategies? Viral marketing has helped thousands of marketers to do well in their online businesses. Traffic has been increased tremendously, their websites have thus been incredibly exposed and increased in visibility, and the sales revenue for these businesses have experienced exponential growth.

What then are exactly the benefits you can reap from viral marketing power? In what ways does viral marketing reward you handsomely?

(1) It helps to build your customer list

As in off-line marketing, online marketing requires the quantity and quality of customers for the success of your business. The customer list is so vital that it can literally make or break your marketing campaign. Customer A is thoroughly satisfied with your offer and recommends to friend B who also takes up the offer and in turn recommends it to C. This process paves the way for your list to grow. You are experiencing word-of-mouth referral in action. The results are often encouraging.

(2) It helps bring about exponential growth

One of the benefits from viral marketing power is the exponential growth that your business will experience. Being viral, it resembles in some ways to the flu bug virus. It is often contagious. Good impression and encouraging words of recommendation about your product or service will both do wonders for the traffic and sales of your business. Your clicks and conversions will increase in the long run.

(3) It helps build your credibility

Through time, as your business becomes more known on the web through the increase in traffic and visibility, your credibility in the eyes of your customers will increase tremendously. Customers have begun to trust and have confidence in your products. You will be receiving good noise and buzz about your present and future offers. One good thing leads to another - your website will experience high traffic and good comments, both of which will impact positively on your business.

(4) It increases the visibility of your site

Receiving a good buzz and noise about your offer is another benefit from viral marketing power. This effect is powerful as it brings visitors and customers alike coming to your site for more information about your new offers. You will be able to close sales much more easily this way, as customers have come to know much about your site and what you are offering.

(5) It helps to reduce promotional costs

Marketing costs are usually high, but viral marketing effectively helps reduce promotional costs as well as marketing costs. Promotions done the normal way are usually costly. Viral marketing helps the aspect of promotion - your customers recommends your offers to their friends, work colleagues and relatives. They are the ones actually activating viral marketing.

(6) It yields results beyond boundaries

Having the capability of producing results regardless of boundaries is undoubtedly one of the more important benefits from viral marketing power. Viral marketing produces miracles in social bookmarking sites. These are sites where you can join and add your links to allow users to bookmark your content. You will realize that there are many opportunities to market your products and bring in the traffic to your site. You can apply different strategies specially tailored to each bookmarking site.

In conclusion, viral marketing is explosive. Use it to bring in the traffic, sales and revenue for your business. In fact, viral marketing with its power offers the best solution for exponential growth for any online business.

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