1. Hair and Nails: Head scalp conditions like dandruff, scaling and even hair loss get better with regular use of Neem. Yellow or brittle nails, caused by the existence of yeast or fungi, are normalized by the use of Neem, hence it is one of the best home treatment.

2. Teeth and Gums: Mouth wash made out of neem is very efficient in the treatment of infections, tooth decay, bleeding and sore gums. A mouth wash, using Neem oil, has been used for the treatment of mouth ulcers and is considered good home treatment for mouth related problems.

3. Diabetes: Neem or margosa has been found to decrease insulin

4. Dependency by up to 50 percent for diabetics, without altering blood glucose levels.

5. Heart and Blood: Modern study showed that a Neem treatment lowered high cholesterol levels. It has also been tested, with good results, for other heart conditions.

6. Insects: Neem is a very effectual insect repellent, without being toxic to pets and humans.

7. Hair care: A decoction made of the leaves of neem is used as a head wash to remove premature graying of hair, hair loss, lice infestation and dandruff.

8. Stomatitis: For children suffering from stomatatis use ten to fifteen dry neem leaves along with five gram of Pippali (long pepper) and honey should be grounded and applied on the tongue.
9. Piles: 4 seeds of neem powdered and mixed with warm water and taken as a think on empty stomach for 7 days stops bleeding in piles.

10. Post delivery care: To bring back the arrangement and functioning of uterus after delivery, 30ml of juice of neem leaves should be taken for a month in the morning on an empty stomach.

11. Building Immunity: Chewing of eight to ten neem leaves early in the morning for 24 days protects the body from diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The body also becomes immune to skin problems by this medicine.

12. Natural antibiotic - Neem is also very effective in treating all kinds of infections in the blood stream and is referred to as natural antibiotic.

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