Implementation is the key to making your dreams come true. It's what separates the sort of successful from the super successful.

However, a lot of people have trouble with implementation because they let self-sabotaging behaviors get in the way of their best intentions. Below is a list of three self-sabotaging behaviors to BEWARE of so that they don't get the best of you.

1. Allowing your gremlins to lead the way

Beware of allowing your fears to lead your life. When your fears are in charge you will make decisions based on your fears and not on what's possible.

For example: If you're afraid of being wiped out financially you will make decisions for your life that keep you safe at all costs. You will take fewer risks. You'll put yourself out there less. (In other words, money imprisons you rather than serves you.)

However, creating the life and business you most want may require you to take certain risks and leaps of faith.

They key is to find an empowering balance point so that you can do what you need to do to make your dreams come true while also providing you a sense of security. This sense of security will be different for everyone and it's up to you to decide what yours is.

Whether you have fears around money or other things the point is to be aware of what your gremlins are so that they don't rule your life unconsciously. Once you become conscious of your gremlins you can choose more wisely.

2. Valuing the opinions of others more than your own

I know what it's like to want someone to tell you what to do! I think in every entrepreneur's life there comes a time when they wish they weren't the only one in charge and that someone would just tell them what to do.

But what happens when you do listen to others and value their opinion more than your own? Seldom anything outstanding.

There's a fine line between the advice someone gives you and what you know deep your gut is the right thing to do. It takes real courage to go it alone and yet going it alone is what it takes to live the ultimate independent lifestyle.

When it comes down to it we each need to take FULL responsibility for our own actions and decisions - even if they were influenced by others. This is true freedom.

Ask for advice. Listen to experts. Then trust your own wisdom and act accordingly. You are wise.

3. Waiting for or needing a guarantee

This is the #1 self-sabotaging behavior I see in people who want to change their lives for the better... wanting a guarantee everything will work out great.

Do I need to say it? There are no guarantees your decisions will lead to success.

This is where preparation comes in handy. The more prepared you are the more likely things will work out. Even then there are no guarantees. However, the more prepared you are the more confident you'll be in your ability to make things work out.

Instead of looking for a guarantee everything will work out ask yourself what you need to do to prepare yourself for success. Then do it. Prepare yourself. Surround yourself with people that can guide you. Get super clear on what your unique gifts are so you can leverage them. Keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Don't let these three sabotaging behaviors sabotage your dreams. Your dreams do matter. Do what it takes to make them come true!

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