If you've been around the internet block a few times you've probably heard of blog internet marketing as a way to get the word about you and your business. And if you haven't been around a while, then you might not even know what a "blog" is. It's really simple. Blog is shorthand for "weblog" and is really nothing more than an online diary about you, your business, and your life.

The good news is that you don't need to buy any software or spend any money to start your own blog. All you need to do is go to one of the free, popular websites that offer blog services (including blogger, wordpress, and livejournal -- just Google them to find their home pages) and register yourself for a free account. Now you can start using blog internet marketing as part of your marketing master plan.

To make blog internet marketing work for you, that is, for it to become a useful part of your marketing arsenal, you have to post entries to your blog on a regular basis. Even if you don't post something every day, try to keep your blog fresh by posting three to five times a week. And if you don't know what to post on your blog, check out these ideas and see if any of them might work for your blog:

- An introduction about yourself and your business
- What you like about your business
- Banner ads or text links to your business website
- Success stories about you and your business
- Personal stories of you living life
- Testimonials about you from people you do business with
- Introductions to new team members in your business
- Pictures of you doing your business
- Links to resource pages about your business
- What you're currently doing in your business

And if you run our of ideas about what other people might want to read on your blog, just stop and ask yourself, "What would I want to read on someone else's blog?" That's always a great jumping-off point when you've got writer's block. Another great way to get inspired when you're at a loss for topics is to browse around other people's blogs. Places like blogger are blogging communities, which means that there are a lot of people adding tons of content every day to their blogs. Surf around and look for other people who are also doing blog internet marketing or using their blogs to showcase their business. See what they are writing about. Find the most popular blogs and read them for a while. You'll get the hang of it and sooner or later ideas about what to post will strike. Most of all, keep those posts coming!

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